My 2 week old sounds congested at night: What can I do for her?

My two week old makes sounds like she’s super congested at night. So much so that after I lay her down, she’s up screaming, pissed off until I pick her up again. What can I do to help her? (Nothing comes out when I use the nose sucker thing, and this started up in the last two nights. Is it as simple as needing a humidifier?)


I would take her on the see her dr. It may be an ear infection. Crazy as it sounds, I experienced this with my 6 month old the last few days, took her in today and thats what it was.

ive stood in a warm shower with them to help loosen the flem and then suck with the nose thingy.

Saline drops & a humidifier. Might do a steam shower before bed also.

Try getting a vicks humidifier for her nursery, with cold weather starting and heaters starting to go sometimes the air is just to dry and can cause congestion, humidifier would help put water back into the air and should clear it up within a few days but in the meantime I would just suction the nose

A humidifier will help and proping up her mattress, stick a folded blanket between the mattress n the base of the crib.


I never had success with the sucker bulb, but my little one used to get that bad and would scream… I got a nose frida and as much as they hate it (and the slight grossness of the concept) it cleared her nose out really well.

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Nose drops, bulb, and steaming bathroom.

New babies can be very noisy as they sleep.

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Definitely try a humidifier

Elevate her crib or bed if you can and the humidifer will help

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Also you could try propping her up a little bit so she’s not laying flat on her back kind of like if you were to have a stuffy nose you breathe better if you’re head is raised


My asthmatic baby slept upright in a car seat, at 2 weeks old consult her pediatrician

2 weeks old-call Dr., not facebook


Could be acid reflux it can mimic snuffles

Saline spray—will make babies nose run—you can more easily suck the snot out. I use a nose Frieda and some boogie wipes saline mist.

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r u sure she isn’t getting her milk in her lungs while she eats

A blanket under the bassinet mattress to help prop her up. They can be propped up to sleep at this age. They do this in the special care nurseries in the hospitals.

I heard this bathwash is the bomb dot com for stuffy noses and colds

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Those bulb suctions never worked for me but the Nose Frida did wonders. I’d call the doctor just to be sure. But another thought could be allergies depending where you live and if you have pets. Good luck, mama! Hope she gets to feeling better!