My 2-year-old daughter still wakes up 20+ times a night: Help?

My two-year-old daughter wakes up 20 + times a night fussing. I’ve tried everything (white noise, music, a warm bath, massaging her, even leaving a show on), and it hasn’t helped at all. This happens whether she’s in bed with her father and I or in her own bed. Our house is small, and she is waking her dad (and I) up all night! He has to work a long, hard physical labor job, and this has to stop. Anybody had a child like this? Anything helped them sleep? I wanted to let her self soothe (I was going to sit next to her, so she knew she wasn’t by herself but not pick her up) but her dad has to sleep, and he’ll feel sorry for her and pick her up if I did. HELP


Kids Melatonin gummies


My daughter was the same way we got her a weighted blanket

Melatonin…essential oils for sleep… Consulting her Pediatrician

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Less naps during the day


Try a weighted blanket.


That seems pretty excessive. I’d talk to a doctor.


No naps. More physical activity closer to bed time,(down time just before bed)


No naps during the day,more fresh air activities:) et her tired lol

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Melatonin. I had this same issue with my 2nd child. I just want to tell you, it’s possible she will grow out of it. He has. Mostly. LOL! Active brain.

Melatonin gave my child night terrors and they recently did a study on them and it’s not good for them

Talk with the doctor. Something doesn’t sound right at all. Could be apnea, maybe undiagnosed acid reflux, who knows. Best bet is doctor


We had the same problem with our now 3 year old. I was told to buy a weighted blanket! It has worked wonders! Get you one! Might help her!


Too young for melatonin in my opinion but if you can get the doctor to sort it out properly now, you’ll have far less problems down the road. Sounds like a serious health problem, tbh.

Pediatrician needs to be informed and can maybe offer some help . But , what worked for us with my grandson was up no later than 7am no nap after 1pm no matter what when he started to dose we took him out to play after dinner we went back outside and played hard walking , running anything that requires him to be up and moving 8-8:30 bath time then snack , storytime by then he is out like a light by 9pm ,and this was a guide from his pediatrician , for they said small kids don’t sleep well at night if there not getting any activity during the day. Good luck

This Grandma says go to the dr.


Our pediatrician recommended Melatonin. It is natural and worked like a charm.


Benedryl works and its safe.


Look on Amazon for Perfectly Safe Warmers for cribs. It is non electric…body heat activated and may help with relaxation. Also light sources in the room may cause sleep disruption…from alarm clocks and night lights… maybe get blackout blinds.
Some babies calm down with a clock they can hear ticking…

His next day off…looks like you need to ignore that cry…let her figure it out! Did it with all 3 of my kids