My 2-year-old does not listen: Advice?

My son will be two next month, and he doesn’t seem to listen. I have done everything I can to get him to, but nothing seems to work. About six months ago my sister in law moved into our house with her three children (ages 1, 3, and 7) ever since my son has been biting, pinching, pulling hair, and hitting. He only does it to his three cousins! He has several other cousins that he’s grown up around and has never been mean towards them, but these kids he is horrible too! If we leave for a night to go visit my mom or family, he acts great, but when he’s around these kids, he won’t stop trying to hurt them. I’ve tried timeout, telling him no, putting him to bed, putting him in his room, taking his toys away, etc. nothing is working! Please help!!!


How do those kids act around him? Maybe he doesn’t like them for a reason


He’s 2, buckle up it gets worse :joy:


Could he feel his home has been invaded. Are they mean to him when no one is looking. Is he still getting as much attention.


It’s the terrible twos and an invasion to him on his turf unfortunately enough - when it’s only him then bam there is 3 more is a lot for a child to adjust to and it does take time very that adjustment but a lot of the time it’s not only the one child - he could be being provoked and no one sees it by the other ones. And of course if mommy shows attention to the others it could be a bit of jealousy as well. Just keep working with him things will work out sweetie.


Time for sister in law and kids to find their own pad…
Solution solved before it gets worse.


Sounds like he’s struggling with the new family dynamic. Give him individual attention- do things with just him (no other cousins around) and work on time out etc. if he’s struggling to communicate with the other kids, that could be part of the biting and hitting issue. Work in giving him words to express his feelings. You might also watch carefully to see what’s triggering the issues- is someone taking a toy that’s his, are they in his space etc.

He is an only child- having 3 other kids who are siblings and will team up against any outsider (not saying they are the aggressors but that the siblings probably have a dynamic that will inevitably leave your son out) is probably quite difficult for your 2 year old.

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How do these kids treat him? My son will act meaner towards kids that are mean to him otherwise he is a very sweet

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  1. He’s 2. 2. What are those kids going to him? I’m sure this isn’t one sided.

If he wasn’t doing the behavior 6 months ago, ok well he’s still a baby, he is learning the behavior somewhere. Yes little ones bites, but if it’s continuing then is it happening to him by a older child maybe even in play. He’s a baby so something is going on.

No 2 year old listens


He’s 2, he’s learning independence, he’s trying to show his emotions with a lack of communication, he’s probably frustrated and feels his home is being intruded on. Also they don’t call it the terrible 2s for nothing.
Changing your discipline technique all the time won’t do anything you need to pick something and stick with it.
My 21 month old time outs work best. He stands in the corner for 1 minute (1 minute for every year they are) and it works really well for him.

Are they doing anything to him that’s what you need to look in to an see what’s going on there


Sounds like these behaviors are being learned from the other kids… or hes trying defend himself. The not listening part is just part of the terrible twos momma. I’m going through it too. My middle one will be 2 monday. And she hits her 8 month old sister, kicks her at times… she gets overly excited playing and hits us but we get stern with her and she stops. Shes even full on kicked my husband in the face while sleeping. So I cant say that these arent normal behaviors either (because this is the age they start pushing their boundaries to see what they can get away with) but I do think the other kids have something to do with it too if it’s to the extent that hes not stopping no matter what. Pay attention to them like out of the corner of your eye or listen in on them.while playing and see if you can get an idea of what’s really going on. And if those kids are negatively effecting your child’s behavior… I’d say they all gotta go. I know its harsh and its family… but that’s your baby. You gotta do what’s right for him.

These kids are obviously treating him like this so he’s lashing out. Handle the other children and your kid will straighten out

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To me it sounds like he may be doing those things to get attention. (I’m not saying he’s not getting any). I work with 2 year olds and see this behavior a lot especially if there is a new sibling, or if they feel the attention they use to get is focused on someone or something else. My advice is, is to make sure to spend plenty of adequate time with him, (again not saying you’re not) but, a little extra love goes a long way. I know it’s hard! Good luck!


Keep an eye on them other kids. He’s learning this behavior.

Maybe not have these kids around? Your kid should be your world…

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I would put up a baby monitor and watch their behavior see if it’s any different when adults are around them just step back and watch everything

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Sounds like he’s had his safe place (home) taken over, he’s uncomfortable, and lost for attention.
Are they mean to him and you don’t notice? Are they getting more attention?

That’s a big change and he has no way to communicate how he feels nor does he understand how he’s feeling.

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