My 2-year-old doesn't like eating meat: Advice?

Hello ladies! So my son is two and I am having SO much trouble getting him to eat meats, at first I thought he was a picky eater but it’s gotten to the point where he is a little bit anemic, and his face is getting white spots. He eats everything else pastas, juice crackers everything else but vegetables and meats. He starts crying as soon as he sees them. I would really love some tips on what to do to get him to eat more and get more iron!


Minced meat in Chowmein
Chicken nuggets with ketchup…just.dont say what it is

Beans, peanut butter, you could mix the meat onto the noodles… Hide veggies under his favorite foods… You could puree the meat after you cook it and make into a sauce like then put it on the crackers or pasta… Make a veggie and fruit smoothie or buy one that has both in it… Eggs are good protein… Put peas with the eggs… Salmon and spinach with cheese is good… My baby loves pot roast… But im a big meat eater too…

My grandson is 10 and he still eats very few fruits and vegetables. He is better about meat than he use to be but the meat still has to be cooked certain ways.

Work with other foods high in iron… Green veggies have a lot. There are alternatives to meat. My son is still a picky eater at 20, but he finally took to meat about 5 or 6 yrs old.

He needs to get protein from other sources, my son is the same way and won’t touch meat. I give him peanut butter, as many fruits and veggies as he will eat, and sometimes pediasure!

I put veggies with everything thats his favorite… Hes a big meat eater so i hide the veggies under it on the spoon… Start helping the baby eat… Once the baby gets use to the flavor might enjoy it more… I crumble broccolli under the fish… I hide greenbeans with the chicken… Hide it under favorite foods… Thats what works best… They have frozen mashed cauliflower that you can mix with potatoes…

Make smoothies…V8 juices

Pasta with vegies & meat blended into the sauce
Mix fruit with vegies to make home made juices e,g:- carrot , apple & orange combined . sweet potato , beetroot, can be used in juices .

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You could crumble up broccolli, mix with cheese real good and put it on the crackers… Chicken alfredo with broccolli grate it and mix it into the pasta…

Have you had his blood tested for anemia? So many other foods contain protein. Meat is not a necessity. Beans and grains are excellent.


Chocolate protein shake? Fairlife makes one that’s like chocolate milk with protein in it. It’s really good!
I had a friend that used to grind carrots up mix into pasta sauce and such. Personally, I’ve never tried it and don’t know how you can’t taste the carrot taste but she said her family didn’t. People do this with okra and zucchini in desserts as well.


I use to make mashed potatoes and shred the meat into potatoes my daughter never knew the difference

Really ? Go to a doctor.


Kale and pears… Put the pear juice on the kale as well…

If even trying ketchup or something an it still won’t work most like the child will grow up to not really eat meat or b vegan or one of the other my daughter was like that when she was that age she really don’t eat to much meat now

A lot of kids don’t like the texture. I bought finger foods for my boys, like little wieners.

My sister never liked meat as a child, mum wouldn’t let her be vegetarian til she was older so compromised by her eating a small serve of meat at least once a day. Eg: one sausage with veggies at dinner. She’s grown out of it now so it may just be a phase. Google meat substitutes for the vitamin factor.,like nuts etc

Simpeles, barmix it into gravy if he’ll eat gravy.

Or mix into ketcup etc. Etc.

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The fact of the matter is you’re the adult. Yes, you want to do whatever you can to make meals pleasurable, but it’s also your responsibility to make sure your child is getting the proper nutrition…if you have to be the meany, do it the old fashioned way…make him chicken, which is usually more mellow tasting than beef, and a good vegetable…when mine was a toddler, she did not like broccoli…until I melted cheese on it…make it, and let him know it’s what is for dinner, and don’t feed him anything else until he eats that. I know it sounds cruel…but, him not getting proper nutrition is very detrimental to his health and growth…