My 2-year-old doesn't talk much: Advice?

Anyone kid say a couple of words like mama and dada and then just stop? My son will be 2 in June, and he isn’t talking.


Mine was similar … I knew something was up mentioned it at every dr appointment until I basically said refer me to a specialist (ENT) because your not doing anything about it … both ears full of fluid …needed drained and tubes put in … it’s been just over a year and he now speaks almost perfectly full sentences after a few months … not always the case but worth checking out

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My little turned 2 in December and doesnt talk much. Just work on it… keep talking keep encouraging! And if your really concerned ask the pediatrician, but honestly I wouldnt worry just yet :slight_smile:

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Mine turned 2 in September of ‘18 and didn’t start talking good till about mid February/March of ‘19.

Sometimes boys are slower. We tested his ears and they’re fine. He’s 3 now, and he can say most stuff but still gets frustrated when we don’t understand him.

It’s normal. All kids learn at their own pace. If it continues over the next few months bring it up to the pediatrician for peace of mind.

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My son just turned 2 last week and my doc sent me to early intervention at his 18 month appt he does have other delays as well and we are waiting on an appt with a developmental psycologist. It could be a speach delay or it couod be something more my doctor said at a year and half that they should be saying 15-20 words.

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My daughter barely said a word until she was 2 1/2 and then all of a sudden she started off with full on sentences and freaked me out lol every kid is just absorbing information at that point. Eventually you won’t be able to quiet them🤣


He/she doesn’t have much to say🤷‍♀️

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My daughter is 14mo & doing this. She knows words but chooses to still gogo Gaga & mamama & dada. I just keep encouraging her and repeating words to her

My daughter will be 2 in June also and she sometimes talks a lot other days not so much. I wouldn’t worry until way after he’s 2… just keep engaging with him you’d be surprised how many words they can actually say.

My son didn’t talk really at all until about 2 1/2 or even right before he was 3. The dr told me it was normal and that nothing was wrong with him, but he’s 3 1/2 now and talks all the time. Everyone understands him and is very clear. Every kid just grows at their own rate


Every child is different and develops at a different pace. However, discuss it with his doctor. Early intervention is critical if there is some type of problem.

My niece is 4 and is just now starting to talk. She has no medical conditions. Some children just take more time.

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Some at 20 months have 15 to 20 words ours did baby sign at 2 had 30+ signs and said most of those words. But more importantly does he understand you and follow directions?

Mine was like that. Then out of nowhere he won’t stop talking. He still babbles a lot but it is only when trying to form sentences. He is nonstop

My 8 yr old didn’t say his first full sentence till the night after his 3rd year checkup, and had the Dr recommending speech therapy lol. Now he won’t shut up

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My daughter was a micropreemie…was told if she couldnt speak 50 words on her own she needed speech therapy. Now she is 3 and soon starting speech therapy again since Oct 2019.

My son was a late talker, didn’t say many words when he was 2, now he’s three and has grown so much with his talking.

My middle didn’t talk til 3, no intervention we just put him in playschool. Youngest said some words: Mama, dada, doggie, hi, no, etc at 13 most, then he didn’t talk at all. Now he’s 3 and doesn’t shut up. No intervention.

My nephew took a veeery long time to talk. But WHEN HE DID… He was like a dictionary! I wouldn’t worry much. He may just be veeeeery smart and process things in his mind that are bigger than talking. :blush:

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