My 2-year-old has become a runner: Advice?

I have a son who just turned two-years-old, and he has become a “runner.” He will run away as fast as he can towards the nearest street!! This has happened three times to me. The little guy is FAST, and he does it without warning, at any given opportunity. He now has a harness, and we all watch him like a hawk, but it’s seriously weighing on my mind. I’ve disciplined him and explained to him the danger. “You get owwies if you run into the road!” “DANGER!” “You stay close to mom!” Etc. I read somewhere that perhaps its because he gets a huge reaction that he does it? Has anyone else had this issue, and what solved it? At this point, I feel like all I can do is keep him close and hope he outgrows it soon! It’s beyond stressful and could have seriously tragic consequences if I don’t get this under control!


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I had that problem then we soon found out his was autistic and then 1 thing after another. We never found anything that helped. He has been in a lock down facility ever since. Good luck


I’ve heard of people throwing a loved toy under a car to show what happens but idk at 2 I don’t think they would understand.

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I guess you’ve just gotta try different ways and finds out what works best for you. My 2yr old use to do it all the time. I would grab him and firmly tell him no you must be holding mummy or daddy’s hand if u want to go on the road. Most of the time now he goes to walk out and I asks him if he is holding mommy’s hand he’ll stop and think about it then grab my hand. He still does run out from time time but not like he use to.

Unpopular opinion, i used a backpack leash with my runner :woman_shrugging: eventually he realized if he didnt want to wear it he needed to stop running


I know this doesn’t work with all kids but when my 4 year old runs off i say bye and turn the other way, he comes right back. My 2 year old listens when he’s told no the first time.

I use a backpack harness! I don’t give a :poop: what anyone says about it, I know my kid is safe, close to me but still has independance as well. In fact I used one with my now 8 year old when she was younger too.


I just held my kids hands at all times. When they tried pulling away they got their butt whipped. They learned if they wanted to walk by themselves and not get in trouble they would have to stop running and follow moms instructions.


My son is 2. He does the same thing & I’m 8 months pregnant. I physically CANNOT chase him down fast enough.
It’s very stressful. Yelling, spanking, nor explaining the consequences has helped us. He just thinks it’s hilarious. So I don’t take him outside much unless he’s strapped in his wagon or stroller. :woman_shrugging:t2: Ive use the backpack leash before in public places.

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I know it’s not always ideal, but I’d walk my son up and down the street as practice for nice walking. If we were going to the park for example, and he’d start, we’d go home. He soon learned that nice walking meant he got to go places.

Spank that boys butt my son tried this once a couple months back. He’s two and mommy showed him Excatly what would happen he ran into the street I took his favorite blanket and tossed it out there it was destroyed. He never did it again and now has a healthy fear of the road.


Get a leash. They’ll grow out of it. My daughter ran out the door when I was trying to pay at Kohls one time. Her safety was worth the weird looks. That was my 3rd child. Parenting style all the same, some kids are just braver and a little bit more wild.

Be sure to have child safety locks on all doors and baby gates. The baby harness is a good idea

When my 2.5yr old runs away from I say hos name loud and sternly and I run/walk after him and I grab his arm and walk/pull him back to the house. I’m not soft about it but I’m also not like rough either, when i say pull i dont mean like pull his arm so hard out the socket, hell fight me and he gets dragged and a ass whopping on the way. I dont put up with that at all,

I had one that used to do that. Turn your back for one second & he was gone! I had to put spring loaded hook locks on my doors at the very top. He eventually outgrew it, but it took a while.

I used a backpack leash. I had to do it with both of my boys. They learned quick that if they stayed by me, they didn’t have to wear it. My oldest also didn’t like when we were out with my friend and her kids, and he was the only one wearing it. Tell anyone who tries to shame you to eff off. Some kids are runners. Do what you have to to keep them safe :slight_smile:

I’m scared of this! Our little boy is 16 months and oh my gosh he is wide open!!! :weary: We have three girls and none where like he is.
Thanks for posting this because I’m looking for tips as well

I have the same problem! He is now 4.5 and I can’t use backpacks as he knows how to unclip them :roll_eyes:
Now he stays in trolleys or strollers and is so so cranky as all he wants to do is run.
But it’s all I can do besides let him get into the road and under a car.

He is 2, they all do it, just keep stopping him and he will out grow it