My 2-year-old has been waking up at night screaming: Advice?

My daughter will be two in April. She has been sleeping through the night since the day she was born, but this past month she is waking several times a night screaming for mom. When I finally do come into the room, she wants me to sit on the floor outside the crib and hold her finger till she goes to sleep. We do this several times a night and make for some long days. My old man thinks we should put a radio or TV in her room and I am totally against a two-year-old having a TV in her room. I tried using a white noise machine as a replacement but doesn’t seem to be working. Advice, please!?!??!?!


Mine is usually ears

Do y’all you a night light?

My son was fine in a dark room till he was 2. Now he wants some light in he’s room to be able to sleep and during the night.

My toddler did this
She’s honestly manipulating you and there’s no nice or easy way to say that! Even when my daughter has night terrors I do her more harm trying to console her! I watch her on monitor
Get her a friend animals that goes everywhere with you guys so she feels safe with it! But it’s growing pains and her big imagination

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They’re called night terrors. Talk to her doctor. I think there are some things you can do. My daughter had them as well.


A fan is a good for white noise, we have a space heater in our girls’ room because their room is freezing, but during the summer they use the fan because they’re used to the noise now. We also have a small night light as well. But we still have occasional wake ups.

Night terrors or 2 year molars.

Night terrors. My daughter went thru it. Made it a few rough months. The doctor said best thing is let it work it’s course cause even though she seemed awake but not responsive to us was whatever was in the nightmare she saw us as…

My twins do this also. For Rosalie, it’s usually best to let her work it out. For Silas, I bring him out to the living room with the TV on for about 20-30 minutes to get him to bring his mind back to reality. Then he’ll let me lay him back down again.
It doesn’t happen every single night, but at least once a week or so.

My daughter has night terrors sounds like that.

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Night terrors my daughter had them bad they would last from 45 mins to two hours where she would be awake but not awake and just cry and scream and throw her hands and feet the doctor said there wasn’t anything we could do but wait for her to get out of it and comfort her. She never remembered in the morning either and eventually they stopped.


I use an amber light night light that’s on all night. Plus I have a nursery projector that plays pictures on the ceiling. Its voice activated so will turn on when they cry and has a timer to turn off after a certain amount of time so it’s not on all night. It has helped when he gets scared of the dark and needs help falling asleep. I used an older model of “munchkin nursery projector” but the latest model is not very good (noisy and pictures are choppy) so I recommend a different brand.

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Ask pediatricians about night terrors. Careful usage of good lavender drops on the toes and peace behind ears and Frankincense on back (very small amounts and diluted with rose hip or jojoba or even non refined coconut oil etc can help. Ve careful because too much can be toxic to anyone. I used roller bottles with both rose hip and jojoba. Also what about the item that projects the galaxy on the walls and ceiling?

Moshi twilight app is amazing!!

Use a night light and give her a stuffed animal or blanket something to sleep with and cuddle even during the day.

Might also try a sleep study or consulting an ENT. Some of the ped patients we see at my sleep clinic have night terrors and they will improve/resolve after removing tonsils and adenoids. It can be scary because they’re very young but I’ve seen it completely change the way some little ones are portraying symptoms and that’s just the short time they’re in my office.

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Try a fan or white noise maker me and kids sleep better with one on also a snuggly stuffed animal my son calls them baby’s and goes and picks a baby to sleep with him that night he even tucks it in

Night Terrors. I would go in and calm her, assure her she is safe and let her put herself back to sleep.

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Crystals and herbal teas.