My 2-year-old has started becoming a picky eater: Advice?

I’m not a new mother; I have three kids. My youngest being almost 2 is currently my focus for concern. Up until about a few weeks ago, there was almost nothing my kiddo wouldn’t eat. Now he won’t eat anything except meat. I’ve tried sneaking veggies in his food, he just spits out his food and separates the veggies or sides out. The only other exception is grilled cheese sandwiches he will eat. I’ve never encountered this with any of my kids. Anyone have any suggestions I can try aside from the judgmental “eat what you’re given or don’t eat.” I’m not on board with that mantra thanks.


Literally the age. My daughter did the same thing Her doctor said it’s actually very normal this happens

I’d just let him have grilled cheese :woman_shrugging: and give him some of the pediasure

My sons 5 and literally eats 10 things that’s it. The dr isn’t concerned because hes still eating. And hes NOT overweight

Following. My 2 year old is exactly the same won’t eat anything but pasta pizza or sandwiches. Won’t eat chicken pork veggies he will eat a little hamburger but got SUPER picky when he turned 2. Won’t even try stuff!

Cut things into fun shapes … or have a little party with their favorite toys and pretend they’re all eating healthy yummy snacks

I’m really bouta just stop following this dumb ass page yall really got a ton of chicks that be crying bout the dumbest things :joy:
Hes a damn kid expect it!

Dont give him the option. It is normal for them to do this off an on but if you want it to stop and him eat his vegetables you have to take the option not to away. Either he eats them or he doesnt eat. I know you said you dont care for that but it’s really the only choice you have. Other wise your gonna have a picky 12 year old and they are a A LOT harder to deal with than a 2 year old.

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I used to puree zucchini, carrots, cauliflower mix in with pancake mix, pizza sauce etc. The kids never even knew !!


If he’s not sick give him what he wants he will grow our of it

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Just be sure to give him vitamin supplements to make up for what he’s not getting from the veggies.

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My daughter is doing the same thing… grilled cheese, Mac n cheese and that’s it! I also give her pediasure until she’s out of this stage.

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My ever since from birth I don’t know what to do anymore it hurts me, he is now 18 months I’ve been seeing doctors and they do give him multi vitamins but nothing changes

What can I do, he weight is 11kg

Yea I wouldn’t suggest the eat it or go hungry crap either because some kids will literally go hungry,tastebuds change over time so maybe try some new things,I kno I’m not gunna eat something that I dont like or want so forcing them to eat things isnt the answer,as long as they r eating and not malnutritioned let them eat what they want to


I do/ did carnation instant breakfast with whole milk once a day plus what ever they will eat. Pedisure is more expensive and mine like the flavor of carnation instant breakfast better. Same nutritional value

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I had this with my son he is 2 . I went back to giving him 10+ 12+ months baby food for lunch then for dinner what we all ate x

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You can put cauliflower or zucchini in mashed potatoes undetected

There is a method called DOR, division of responsibility. Have a read about it

For all the Mommies on this post and the original poster.
This cook book helps tremendously! How to get those veggies and vitamins in with ease and has some advice for us struggling with picky eaters. It help me understand what I could do to help my son who has sensory issues with food, still get a good meal down.

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My almost 2 year old eats better if he sees me eating the same thing or sharing my food with him. Idk why.
I’ve heard that cutting food into certain shapes help too. Like dinosaurs, stars, etc.