My 2-year-old is constantly screaming: Advice?

My almost two years old constantly screams. He throws a huge fit if he doesn’t get what he wants or if his sister makes him upset, he will scream on the top of his lungs sometimes hit. I have done everything I can think of all the way from punishing time outs to just holding him giving him a big hug to calm him down! Nothing seems to work, and it’s frustrating I cannot help him, I’m sure he acts this way due to he cannot say what he wants and gets upset and just screams. However, it’s horrible because not only do I want him to not be upset like this, but it really hurts his sibling’s ears, and I can imagine our neighbors think we are insane. Any advice on how I can help him cope better or get him to stop completely or anything! I’m lost on what to do. I feel so horrible.


Toddler life… it’s a special time :smirk:

Following cause my 3 yr old does this and we’ve tried everything I now have a 4 month old and it hurts his ears as well

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Wow I have this same problem and his also 2 years old

Speech therapy is an amazing tool that made my sons life MUCH better in his communication skills


Call me rude… but when my kids would have screaming fits I would flick water in there face. And guess what? They stopped screaming and behaved.


Squirt bottle works wonders


I’d take him to the doctor. Get him checked over well. Bring up your concerns. But at his age, redirection can work wonders.


I don’t wanna look like a “bad mom” but I used to scream louder than my toddler. They stopped screaming. :woman_shrugging:t4:


Did you try to do pictures with him like a cup or some type of food I am goin to try this with my 3 year old

Sometimes ignoring it or giving no response makes them realize that they r getting no reaction, whether good or bad


Let him scream until he knows he can’t get what he wants. It takes a few practices but in the end it works. I know it’s hard but it really works. He won’t like it the first few times. Also, take your other children elsewhere so they don’t have to hear it,


Get down on his level. Sit on the floor and stay calm even if he’s acting a fool. He’s trying to tell you he’s frustrated and doesn’t know how. Big hugs, mama, I know it’s hard. Make sure you’re taking time to collect yourself once he’s settled down so you don’t get overwhelmed.


My son would do this all the time

My boy has started doing this, I try to take him somewhere that is quiet, get down and say I know you are upset, would you like a cuddle, if he keeps whining/crying, I leave the room, if he follows, I repeat the same thing, usually calms down after me leaving the room only once, and it’s usually when hes tired, or if it’s not a bad one, I can ask him ‘where is your car?’ Or ask where something is, distracts him and he goes off to find it.

Ignore it. The less attention you give the bad behavior the less likely they are to keep doing it.


Try sign language for basic common stuff. The pick it up rather quick. Talk to the dr if you think it’s more than a normal 2yr old behavior

There are so many different tactics to try. Have you done complete ignoring? How is his understanding of communication even if he can’t articulate? Simple instructions? I’d start by picking him up when it starts. Put him in a safe space, his bed, a specific spot on the couch, etc. Then completely will take time the first few times. I’d also start it with “this hurts mommy’s ears. Let me know when you’re all done”. If that’s out of the question, my son has responded to squeezy hugs. Pressure is a great thing for kids in general as they struggle to learn how to handle emotions. But no talking again. Dont feed into it. AS SOON as he even begins to quiet “oh yay are you done?” And if he quiets make a big deal about it. If not say ok and ignore again.

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Advice I can give is stop answering to the screaming and stop tending to the pointing and grunts. When I told my son he needs to vocalize what he wanted rather then scream at me it helped and the screaming stopped. It first started with up then cup and we got further and further as he gets old now he screams to be a dick but he also talks very well


I started throwing a fit for like 30 seconds then stop and tell him it is his turn. He’s usually so distracted my be acting like a fool he stops instantly.