My 2-year-old is scared to get a haircut: How can I make it less traumatic?

My 2 (almost 3) year old is extremely scared to get his hair cut. He cries, screams, and clings onto me and won’t calm down for 10-15 mins. We’ve tried clippers and scissors. I’ve tried taking him to different barbers, and I’ve tried doing it my self. I’ve tried letting him see his favorite movie/show, giving him candy, his favorite toy, blowing bubbles, playing music, letting him see himself in the mirror, and NOTHING seems to work. Have any of y’all had this issue? What advice does y’all have to make the experience less traumatic?


Try letting the kid watch while you get a hair cut to see its not scary

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Let his hair grow until he wants to cut it or outgrows this fear. He’s a toddler. I wouldn’t continue stressing him or yourself out with this.


If it were me I just wouldn’t make him get a hair cut. But what worked for my son on his laat hair cut was letting him use the trimmers on my arm to show him it didn’t hurt. Then we worked up to showing on his arm that it didn’t hurt. Then he let me cut his hair! But I had to remind him multiple times before it was done that it didn’t hurt by letting him trim my arm.

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Play hair dresses at home make it fun
Go and just sit at hair dressers and just let him watch
Sit him on your lap
It will take a few goes before he feels safe but patients works

We did it with the dentist she loved it now

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Don’t make him get a hair cut. If you know an experience is stressful or traumatic, what is the point of forcing it?


Get a squirt bottle and let him spray you! It was the only way my son would sit halfway still when he was younger! He thought it was so funny and didn’t even realize what was happening!

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Yeah, you need to hold them still maybe 2-3 people, it will be better for about year or two

We give mine popsicles :yum:

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My lil man had to watch his big bro get his head shaved first so maybe letting him watch someone he looks up to get it done first so he knows it’s not scary

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What I had to do to get my 2 year old to get his hair cut was he sat on my lap and I had his favorite movie (toy story) on my phone. It let him sit for a good 10mins

I took my son when he was half alsleep, half up, i gave him a snack and a toy. He sat down the whole time and didnt cry.

Just let it be for now. He’ll eventually want his hair cut sooner or later but don’t force it. Cause I did n my son was terrified until about a year ago and now he’s good with it.

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My son sat on my lap for a cut until he was 5.

My son did this until he was 4 or almost 5. He outgrew it. I always waited like 6 months between haircuts lol

Try putting a mirror in front of him so he can watch.

Instead of using the word cut try saying let’s get your hair done :blush:

Don’t get his hair cut

Is he scared of the clippers and scissors or the haircut itself? If he’s scared of the tools then try to get some toy versions or kid safe versions he can play with. I left my son play with the clippers and just let them run for a while until he got used to the noise and he’s still wary of them but does a lot better. If it’s the cutting maybe get some cheap dolls and let him cut their hair it might make it less scary.

My 14 year old finally got used to them like 2 years ago. Still hates it but wants to look “cooler” now. He would scream and cry also make himself sick. Said it hurt his hair to have it cut. We still wait months between cuts. The buzzers scared him the most.