My 2-year-old is throwing major tantrums: Advice?

My two-year-old is throwing tantrums. Advice? My stepdaughter is going on two years old. She’s started this phase where she will start crying bloody murder for no reason. We try feeding her, putting on her favorite cartoon, coddling her, taking her outside or around the house, anything that usually calms her tantrums won’t work anymore. She won’t even go down for her regularly scheduled naps. It’s continuous, all day, and nothing will stop it. Any ideas on what could calm her? Thank you.


Continous? All day? Id speak to her pediatrician.

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Sounds like my 2yr old. It’s a phase

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I found not giving them all your attention when they do that worked for me. So if my daughter starts acting up all i say is “when you calm down then we will talk because this is not the right way to act”. If she doesnt stop then i sit her down in time out until she calms down

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Remind her to use her words and then stop giving her attention.

My 2 almost 3 year old sits in time out. He knows better to not get up & I ignore all yelling & everything & will talk to him when he settles down. He sits there without getting up. At first every single time he got up I put him right back. & told him you’re in time out until you calm down. Over & over & over & over. If you don’t give in, they learn. Now he doesn’t even get up

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Iv been doing the whole… Do you want to go to bed… my Son is 2.5yrs its actually helping me he has been awful since 11mnts not constantly though but a lot throughout the day :see_no_evil:

She is 2. You have just started with the fun. My niece threw a fit for an hour because she wanted her purple coat on WHILE WEARING HER PURPLE COAT… Turdlers are not for the faint of heart…

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Do these suggestions actually get back to the “fan”?
This question requires so many more questions posed to it. There are so many possibilities of cause, lazy parents to food coloring dyes to toxic chemical over load that could effect this child for the rest of its life. I’ve raised four kids and honestly the whole “terrible 2’s” cop out is bull :poop:.

Coddling her? You mean comforting? Tantrums are usually out of frustration. They are using the communication they have. It’s totally normal.
If it’s all day, like literally not stopping, I’d see a doctor, ASAP. Could be an ear infection, teeth, ETC.


I know this seems cruel in today’s time but put a little cold water in a glass and when the child is having a tantrum, throw the water in their face and walk away.


Ignore the ignorable! If it’s just a tantrum because she isn’t getting what she wants at the moment just ignore it. Tell her what words she needs to be using.

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Let her have her tantrums…stop going out of your way to do this an that to make her stop because that will teach her that she will get what she wants by screaming an yelling …walk away

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If you know she is okay, ignore her when she does this and when she starts hanging on you say Nope, not until you stop and use your words. She will grow out of it if you don’t feed into it.

When my son would cry all day for no reason it was a tell tale sign he had an ear infection! His babysitter would always tell me as soon as I walked in the door, we’d go to the pediatrician and always an ear infection. He got tubes and we finally had a happy baby!

Terrible twos UGH no cure

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Kids throw tantrums because they know they can get away with it. When they throw a tantrum… Walk away… Leave the room. Ignore them. You will see. They will calm down.

My kids know tantrums don’t work with me… I have four kids only one ever threw a tantrum. I ignored him… Walked outside and sat on porch. (He was fine… By himself. I could see him through screen door).
When he realised I wasn’t paying attention he stopped the tantrum…


Try arts and crafts. It’ll help put her mind somewhere else

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Dont yell or get upset just sit down with her hug her and talk her through it tell her to breathe and make sure she knows your a safe place just talk her through it :heart:


Tell them to yell louder. Or that you can’t hear them. I did that to a little bit of a older child and it worked