My 2-year-old still takes a bottle at night: Advice?

Hi! My daughter turned two in December, and she still takes a bottle at bedtime and will wake up multiple times throughout the night, either wanting more milk or just waking up. We’ve tried everything; she doesn’t like or take any sippy cups…her doctor suggests melatonin to help her sleep, we tried that for a while, but we definitely don’t want to use it as an every night thing. So my question is, how can I get my toddler to get rid of her bottle and to sleep better/throughout the night?! We’ve tried just not giving her a bottle, but she will scream and cry until she throws up, and neither her dad or I can handle seeing her get to that point…it feels like we’ve tried everything and nothing works.


Many years ago my 2yo refused to give up her dummy/pacifier. We had tropical fish at the time so I told her if she threw her dummy away I would get her an angel fish. She threw it away immediately and silly me had to go buy an angel fish then. Perhaps something along similar lines.

I had exactly same problem with my daughter , shes almost 4 now, I made juice weaker and still nothing , actually she would cry throw cup and say make a nice juice, the one thing i do now, fill her cup with water for bed, and now she doesnt wake at all same 1 drink all thru night , no sugar means she wont wake up being thirsty for more, and i proved it works bec for one night she had juice she must’ve drank 4 cups!

Shes going to have rotten teeth. Take away the bottle. She will get over it. Or put water in it


Feed her more solid foods during the day and water in the bottles at night. if you keep giving into her it will never change. you have to be firm and stick to it . The melatonin will not harm her it’s natural we all have it in our brain already it’s what helps us all sleep at night some people just need a bit extra


No more naps to help your sleep problem, i’m having a hard time with the bottle to

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Do you give her a small snack with sippy cup milk, or cereal before bed? U can also purchase the kids berry smoothies for her to drink before bed. They’d give her extra protein. Just a thought! :heart: good luck!


You just need to stop giving it to her. I went through the same thing. We threw all our bottles away except for 1 in case of emergency during the beginning. Your child WILL be miserable. It will pass. She will start to take a sippy cup and eat other foods once she becomes hungry enough


Take away the bottles completely. We bought quite a few sippy cups and let my kids figure out which one they liked best. Also let them pick out their own cup. These things worked for mine

My son does this too but now when it’s bed time I give him one bottle and then after he’ll want more I’ll replace it with water and he just passes out now lol it’s kinda funny because he doesn’t complain now

My son takes a sippy cup at night and he turned 2 this month. I think its more of a comfort thing, like a blankey. I would use the cry it out method but i live in a small place and my daughter has school so i cant always wait for him to fall asleep. His doctor and dentist said that as long as i brush his teeth hell be fine and grow out of it. I have been looking at stuffed animals or other things for him to lay down with him that are the same shape, but thats a lot easier said than done lol

Buy a sound machine :pray::pray::pray::pray:

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I found my daughter just let go when she felt it was right for her. And yes…put water in it. I gave her a pacifier until she spit it out herself.

My youngest daughter was almost two before I got her away from the bottle, but it was NOT easy… I told her that somebody took all her bottles because there was a baby that needed them, and she wasn’t a baby anymore and all I had was a sippy cup ( she refused them), it was a rough couple of weeks, but she eventually took to the sippy cup, my point is, is she will move past it, just dont give in! You have to stuck to it… good luck!

The only reason she is still taking a bottle at that age is because YOU are giving it to her. I’ve raised 4 daughters, I stopped giving them a bottle at 12 months of age. Only an issue for a couple days/nights, they get pass it pretty fast.


Wait until she gets a cold or something like that. And take the bottle. She will, play up so do it on a weekend . Tell your neighbours what you are doing so no one reports a kid screaming .
It’s hard but . She might be hungry at night this does happen . Give her some protien food before sleep.
Good luck .

You should stop liquids about an hour before bed anyway. It sux but you have to just stop giving them to her. Start a new routine.

Pediatrician told us to keep with the milk at night if that’s what my grandson wants ,just never put water or juice in it for risk of choking on it at night laying down , during the day he doesn’t take a bottle at all but will not drink any milk and not a really big eater they said it’s fine for no where is it written when a bottle should be taken away or them being potty trained by age 2 for every child is different and there needs are different they also said it would be nice for parents to stop listening to old wise tells.

Just get rid of the bottle. It sucks for a few days but she will get over it

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New routines work. I put baby Mozart soothing piano songs on my phone and rock my twins to sleep. Bath time with a little lavender works as well. It calms them down when they’ve over exerted themselves. Mine are also down to just 1 nap a day now in case you were still letting her take multiple naps. There is no one way to make it happen each child is different try different things until you find something that works. I also gave the girls a small cuddly Stuffed animal to hug at night. Helps with security feelings. Best of luck to you.