My 2-year-old will not eat meat: Advice?

My son is 2. He was born big and has been big ever since- always not even on the charts for height and weight; he is the size of 5 years old. People who see him are always joking, “what do you feed this kid” meanwhile, he LOVES fruits and veggies, so when I say that, I think they think I’m joking. We got him into pouches at a young age, bc it was easy. He now obsessed with these; I almost think addicted. The dr. Says that’s great he’s getting all his fruits and veggies- thing is they are expensive because he has to go through almost 15 a day to feel full. I’ve tried making my own, but he is very into the specific package it comes in and will turn his nose up to ones he doesn’t like. He wakes up in the middle of the night crying for “a pouch” so here is my question- do anyone else’s kids not eat like a “typical toddler” he doesn’t get any protein, and won’t even eat chicken nuggets or Mac and cheese- or really anything. I need some ideas, and hoping someone can give me advice!


I’d honestly cut them out, it might take some time for him to get used to eating regular food, but those puches will make him a lazy eater


Does he have any other underlying issues? Autism? SPD? Etc

I would request a referral for a feeding therapist. Are pouches the only things he eats? I would offer other things first. Keep pushing for fresh fruits and veggies. Those pouches are not good for him in the excess he is eating them. :disappointed:


They sell reusable pouches on Amazon. Maybe you could make your own and introduce more protein into the mixtures? Then slowly cut back? Just a thought


My son is exactly the same. Although he will eat chicken nuggets, cheese, and eggs. The eggs are key because they fill him up, they are cheap, and quick to make. Will he eat eggs?

Eggs, cheese, nuts, beans. All good protein sources. Let him pick something new out at a grocery store next time? Good luck!!

What about making protein shakes for him?!

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:eyes: my son hates meat!

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I would talk to someone. Maybe cut them cold turkey. If hes a big boy obviously he will not starve. He knows you will give in eventually but will probably get the picture after a day or so.
Mine is almost a vegetarian and eats mostly fruit and veggies as well but most of the time only wants them fresh. He went through a pouch phase bit bot that bad.

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He sucks on them the same as a bottle. I say no more


My son is 7 and barely eats anything. Started about his age. His doctor says as long as he stays on his curve (meaning no drastic gain or loss in weight) he is good. Took my son a while to try new things but I don’t force him when I do he pukes everywhere.

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Girl you need to shop at aldi. And also I agree cut out the fruit pouches he needs to eat vegetables too! Feed him beans, high fiber vegetables, do research on the vegan/ vegetarian diet. Try different types of squash and roast them. Spaghetti squash, butternut, yams, pumpkin. Get experimental. Make zucchini noodles. Try anything!! The pouches are full of sugar, and they are as good as feeding him candy!

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My four yr old loves sweet bell peppers and raw onions…he wont eat candy or ice cream… he does eat meat and loves stir fry…

Try a stir fry… mix it together… or a pot pie… protein is important for brain development.

I’ve seen so many of those with mold in them my kids never got them. My daughter is a huge veggie and fruit kid but always fresh and never a pouch. No added sugar that way

Puree your own protein and mix it into his pouches

Thinking there might be underlying issues, autism, spd??

Just cut them out and left him throw at fit…not normal to eat just pouches of baby food…he will get over it in a short amount of time…

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Leave him alone! My daughter would not eat any meat until one winter when she was 2.5…I would put the meat on her plate, and it was up to her, to whether she tried it or not. One winter, I made stew…she was a…she loved the meat
…children do need to at least try a bite, and if they are not happy or do not like it, leave them alone. It will work out.

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He is eating sweet bell peppers.


Learn what protein is. There is more protein in fruits and veggies than in meat.