My 2-year-old will not eat meat: Advice?

mine eats like this .but with protein its peanut butter for my younger one dont eat chicken nuggetts either. i dont worry to much because of fruits and veggies and she is 7 and weighs 45lbs doctor not worried to much.and gets dairy she was on pedia sure for awhile.

Get rid of them, they are full of sugar and other crap. 15 in one day is excessive… Way to much… Needs real food


Aldi pouches!!! I have a 9yr old with stomach problems so we go through lots. They are good & cheap.

Have you looked into feeding therapy? They could do an evaluation and see if there’s something sensory going on or work with him on eating. I see nothing wrong with very healthy eating (I have one that mostly eats fruits & veggies) but it’s important he be expanding his pallet a bit as he gets older.

Make the pouches a treat if he eats his food also try squeezing the content of the pouch in a bowl and give him a spoon to eat it


My daughter isn’t a big meat eater right now & we don’t force it. She’s eats pretty much everything elze.

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Don’t make your own. Give him regular fruits and veggies, and try other food. When he turns his nose up don’t give in. U get what u get and u don’t throw a fit. 2 or 12, u get what I feed u


Amazon sales reusable pouches

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So much added sugars etc in. Them. 15 a day is insane period even for an adult. He needs to be cut off asap.


Stop giving him pouches…
He NEEDS solid food


I never made my kids. My son didn’t eat meat til he was like 3 or so unless it was a burger or chicken nuggets he wouldn’t touch it. Maybe even til he was 4. Wasn’t a big deal to me. He loves it now at almost 7. My daughter is almost 4 and barely eats anything. Both very healthy kids though :slightly_smiling_face:

Sounds like meat isn’t the problem. Sounds like he is addicted to the pouches. Honestly sounds incredibly unhealthy for him to eat that many a day. My son isn’t huge into meat bcuz of texture and a lot of parents have similar issues. But the concern here is him not eating anything else. Regardless if he is eating fruits and veggies that isn’t exactly the healthy you want for him


My son just went through this I fed him what hed eat and always offered meat with every meal and he held iut for a good 11 months and just started eating meat just recently when we had a pheasant fry my doc said just feed him and he will eventually come around it could just be a phase

I don’t force her, age 3, she eats meat sometimes and I give her multi vitamin everyday, she’ll eat it when she’s ready because I can’t force her to eat meat. (fruit/veggies is mostly what she eats)

Honestly, they won’t starve. They get hungry enough they will eat. You just have to stay strong. You can always ween him off, start off with telling him he only gets 2, or really just 1. Only put 1-2 where he can see them, hide the rest. Have veggies, or fruit, sitting out where he can access them. Maybe some crackers, granola bars, like a little snack area. Then you don’t have to constantly ask him, which may reinforce his stubbornness.


My daughter had a textural issue. I think she still does. She wont eat hamburger meat or hamburgers itself. She eats white meat and will eat ham and shrimp. I agree that the pouches have a ton of sugar in them. My daughter LOVES her fruits and veggies. And she will eat tomatoes, whole. So I have to be careful because she can eat all of them. I know it also has a lot of sugar, but try almond milk. Meat has protein, but like others have said, there are other sources of protein. Peanut butter, beans/legumes, etc

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Omg…as a Mom of 7 kids, this is something I have never heard of before. My youngest are 11yrs old. What are pouches?


My son didn’t eat meat from 2-4 then she started eating chicken now at 6 he’ll eat any meat I put in front of him… it’s a phase… but don’t just let him eat pouches, give him more solid food…


I had to insist on offering our food, I stick to the same routine, and kept offering them what we eat. I had to be patient, very stern & determined about it, also there were much tears involved, I knew it’s for their good, now both my kids 2 and 3 eat same as us. The trick is there is no trick, it’s a matter of picking up habit, when they will see that’s all there is, they will adopt pretty quickly. Good luck!


I’d cut him off. There’s so much added sugar in that stuff. He won’t starve. When he gets hungry, he’ll it. 15 of those a day is ALOT. He needs solid food.
What’s his dr say about him eating 15 of those a day?


I have a son who is 11 and has never eaten meat. Dont force it. Just offer it and let him figure out if he wants it or not. A toddler will not starve them self. Cut the pouches in half at LEAST. Offer real solid food.