My 20-month-old doesn't talk much: Should I be concerned?

Am I overthinking it? I have a 20month old whose very quiet, shes extremely active but doesn’t like to talk, she will say a word when u least expect it, and when you try to make her say it again she will just smile and cover her face? Am I worried about nothing that she doesn’t speak as most kids do? Do I need to see a doctor?


My son does the same thing he’ll be two next week and we have a speech therapist come every week to work with him

Usually they say by 1 year they should be trying to say 10 words, but every child is a little different. BUT, as I am a mother of an autistic child, it can be a sign of issues, something as little as bring tongue tied, or as serious as developmentally delayed. I would at the very least bring it up to your pediatrician

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I would definitely bring it up to the doctor if i were you. I know not all kids are the same and they all talk at their own pace but she should say and understand a good bit of words at almost two. It doesnt hurt to mention it and see what the Dr suggests!

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I’m oddball as usual and say don’t rush her. She probably knows more than you think she does and just doesn’t want to talk. My girls were/are like this and one day just exploded with talk. Now I can’t get them to shut up. :joy:


My daughter was like that too at that age and I found out she needed tubes in her ears she couldn’t hear good

My daughter is 21 months. Same issue. Do what you can and don’t stress. Doctor should get you a speech therapy referral. It’ll all be okay :slight_smile:

Tolk to him more sing to him and get off facebook all day

Instead of letting her point or grunt when she wants something make her say it. Like cup. Easy words. We had to do this with my little sister. Because she wouldn’t talk until we did.


My daughter was the same way. Around 2 i was told to start giving her vitamins because she was also a very picky eater and didnt get enough nutrients. Made a world of a difference for her.

Talk to your doctor, however my son didn’t say until 2-3 months after his second birthday. In the last 3-5 months he’s exploded with language and forming sentences

My sister didn’t talk until she literally spoke in (basically) full sentences arnd 2 yrs old. (She also didn’t take a step until she was nearly 18 months when she got up and walked across the room. She has no developmental delays, she was just doing her own thing. (She’s 46 now…)
I would ask your dr at your next visit but I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

My first did this. She thought it was funny watching me try to get her to repeat whatever she said. Now my youngest (12 months) is starting to catch on as well lol shes smarter than you think and her vocabulary is there. Shes probably just looking for a reaction from you lol

As soon as my lil one turned 24 months she was talking up a storm. Don’t over think she sounds normal

Totally bring it up to your pediatrician so that it’s on the radar. Don’t panic. Don’t force. Encourage and reward with gentle to exuberant praise depending on child. My sister’s voice still comes out of the end of my pointer finger (I’m 45, she’s 46). She spoke for me. I could but we fell into the pattern.

Mine was like that too. Dr had us to hearing test, speech and recognition test , therapy, … then in the end they just said she was perfectly fine just stubborn. She was a Late talker. Shes 3 now and while doesnt talk up a storm, she does talk in full sentences when she wants to. So… I would say yes bring it up to the pediatrician and have them checked for causes, but don’t stress yourself out. Either the cause of it can be fixed or it will just all work out over time. One of the big thing I learned in speech therapy is to just play with toys with your kid and talk about what your doing as you play. They pay attention to it better when they are playing like that.

My son hasn’t really speak yet and his almost 2 yrs old. No need to rush them they will learn on there own. Nothing is wrong with you baby.

Oh kids grow and learn at their own pace. I see too many first time moms freaking out over nothing. My son didnt talk much either and at age 5 you couldnt shut him up lol. Just let the kids be unless there is a serious problem like where they dont respond when you talk to them

My 2yo doesnt talk much either but he understands everything.Every child is different, they talk when they are ready.

My son was the same way. He did have speech therapy. Nothing wrong with asking your Dr. If you should be concerned.