My 22-month-old is refusing to nap: Advice?

My daughter is 22 months old, and for the past two weeks, she has refused to take a nap. She has always been a really good sleeper until recently. I feel she is too young to be grown out of naps already. Am I wrong?! Tips??


That’s about when mine chose not to take them and they started sleeping longer at night as well🥰

My daughter at 2 stopped taking naps. Just do quiet times

My first napped till he was 3, #2 & #3 stopped napping at around 18mths :frowning: as long as she’s sleeping good at night let her be :slightly_smiling_face: every baby is different :raised_hands:t2:praying #4 will nap longer :joy:

My son quit napping shortly before that age. Instead I would just turn on a movie and we would do a quiet snuggle time. Sometimes he would fall asleep but most times we would just relax together. Still do it now at nearly 4 lol

My daughter stopped taking naps early so we just had quiet in her room

My son is 4 and still takes 2-hour naps. I know my others did at this age too because their preschool had some sort of magic touch that knocked them out 1.5 hours a day. That was until they started kindergarten. But I know every kid is different. :woman_shrugging:t2:

My daughter is 20 months and I can only let her take a very short nap cause if it’s to long she won’t go to sleep till midnight. No nap is best for her but some days she just needs a nap she’s so cranky lol

My daughter stopped all naps by 8 months and slept through the night. Doc said it was ok.

Enjoy the time with her. Let her be a baby for as long as she can.

My son stoped naps at 20 months old. Went from sleeping at 10 pm until 11 am every day… And he was fine. My 18 months old stopped napping at 16 months. Goes from sleeping at 9 pm until noon and she is very happy. We do quite times and sometimes she falls asleep and sometimes she doesn’t. As long as they are happy and not cranky… Its all good

My stopped napping then too, But slept better at night. She’s almost 5 now and is still the same way unless we have an overly active day then the car ride home always gets her

Mine didnt stop napping until she was 4, and now that she is 13, she takes naps again.

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My first took naps til 1st grade. Still today is a great sleeper he’s almost 16.
Number 2 stopped naps early, age 4, she is not a big sleeper today, age 11. Number 3, he takes naps 2 1/2 hr everyday around 3 pm, sleeps 10+ at night too, age 2 1/2
Try going longer thru the day and do the same routine that you do at bedtime. Milk, rock, tv? Then say nap time… I feel you get them on a routine and it will help give you a break. Makes for a long day for a baby.

My younger daughter did the same thing. Unfortunately you can’t tie them to the bed.

My son stopped naps on his own by the time he was 1. But he sleeps 10-12 hours through the night so I just accept it lol

I still make sure he gets some “chill time” where he lays down for a bit to recharge but he won’t fall asleep lol. He’s 3 now

Take Gatorade n excedrin

My daughter stopped napping around that age and we never had any issues. If she got too cranky we’d just send her to bed alittle early and she’d sleep through the night

All kids are different. According to my boyfriend’s mom he stopped napping around 1, my mom said i took naps till about 4. Our daughter doesn’t really nap unless she isnt feeling good and shes 9 months but she sleeps really good at night

My 4 (5 in May) and 6 year old still take daily afternoon naps for about 2-3 hours. It helps tremendously since there are 4-6 other kids in the house daily. It doesn’t effect their bedtime (around 830) and it keeps the cranky-ness at bay from being overly tired.