My 3-month-old has one brown eye and one grey eye: Advice?

My baby is three months old, and he was born with one eye gray like it’s been since he was born and the other brown. Has anyone else’s baby’s eye changed one at a time or is it heterochromia?


it will change as he gets older don’t worry about it if it doesn’t chance by the time he school aged that’s what color contacts are for

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I feel like that’s something you should ask your child’s doctor…


My grandaughters did that she is 4 now they finally are hazel but that left eye still has more blue in it we have to look closely now to notice lol

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My son has hazel eyes. His eyes are often two different colors but some days they’re the same. They fluctuate from grey to green to blue to brownish

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My adult cousin has one blue & one brown.

Who cares he’s a beautiful baby so why does it matter as long as medically he’s fine


I think 2 colored eyes are absolutely beautiful. I wouldn’t worry about it at all unless it is a medical problem


Either way it’s nothing to be concerned about :slightly_smiling_face:


One of my relatives has one green eye and one brown eye hers have never changed color but it doesn’t seem to bother her or affect her vision

My daughter is 7 and her right eye is still blue other one brown( nothing is wrong with them either also her eye dr actually said her left eye does have it to just we can’t see it.

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That’s cool honestly

My granddaughter has one eye with blind lashes and one eye with brown lashes. Two genes fighting for dominance

My youngest has had 2 different colored eyes since she was born. I love her eyes. One is blue. One is green. She’ll be a year next month and I’m fairly certain they’re staying 2 different colors.

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There are 3 reasons that a child/person has 2 colored eyes. One of the weirdest causes is that there were twins and one sibling merged with the other

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I would think it was so beautiful and unique if my child had this.

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Two different colours is AWESOME!!! They might change anyway, my baby was blue born and changed to brown.

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My daughters changed slowly and she actually ended up with one brown eye and the other half blue and half brown. Its not necessarily “normal” but it doesn’t seem to affect her vision or anything.

Best friend had cat shape pupils, was freaky to look into them but doctors never said anything was wrong as long as her vision was okay. So I guess same goes for different colored eyes, as long as he can see well I would have zero concerns

My friend in school had this. She needed glasses but she was super pretty & got a lot of compliments on her eyes.