My 3 month old hates tummy time: Advice?

Alright, Mommas! I’m struggling with getting my three-month-old on tummy time! She will do it for maybe a minute before she starts screaming! She will sit up in my lap and holds her head really well! I just know how important it is.

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They ALL hate tummy time

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Timing may be an issue. No tummy time too soon after eating. Keep her engaged in an activity or lay in front of her and “chat”. Make it a bonding time. Playful. Engaging. Start slowly & add an extra minute as she gets used to a routine.

I didn’t do the traditional floor tummy time, I would put my son on my chest and kind of lay down with my top half a little elevated, it killed 2 birds with one stone (tummy time and skin to skin), he’s now 7 months no problems and now lives being on the floor

My 10 month old hates tummy time! Hell last not even a minute every time… I’ve never forced it

All babies hate tummy time. Try placing a mirror on the floor so they can be encouraged to look at the “other” baby which is really themselves. That helped my babies

My babies have all been tummy babies and hated being on their back

They all hate it distractions like play mats etc you might get a few minutes longer

I have 5 kids and they all hated tummy time so I would do it long enough to where they were ok with playing with me or dad but then when they would start to scream then I would roll them around and they seemed to like that lol

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Honestly my kids didn’t tummy time as much as they should have. They all walked and crawled early and have strong necks

Try tucking a soft receiving blanket under her arm pits when she’s on her tummy. :hugs:

My 9 month old just started getting comfortable with it last week now she’s crawling. If her dr isn’t concerned you shouldn’t be. Each baby is different.


My pediatrician said that holding my baby on my chest, facing me, counted as tummy time, so we started with that. When she was strong enough to push herself up and away from my chest I put a tummy time pillow on the floor and laid her chest on it, with her arms forward and I’d lie on the floor beside her and talk to her. Just 2-3 minutes at a time to start. Gradually building up time.


All kids develop at their own pace. I would say relax and it will happen. For the record when mine were babies they recommended that babies only be on their tummies. Boy have times changed.:kissing_heart: You are doing a great job Mommy!


When my kids were babies, they were never required to have tummy time and they were fine and did everything on schedule. Don’t even worry about it. Sometimes they just can see enough of what’s going on, sometimes they just don’t like it yet. All of that is fine.


My son did the same thing. I use to worry about it all the time. He started walking at 9 months :woman_facepalming:t3: some babies just don’t like it. Just keep trying. Let her do whatever she’s comfortable with :blush:

Right! No need to worry . My granddaughter didn’t do tummy time. When I put her down like that, she screamed like a banchee for hours. She was MAD :angry:! she’s a healthy young lady who loves riding horses.

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Lay her on her tummy on your chest. Many babies are recipient and accept touch more. That’s what we did with our babies.


Put her on your belly while you lay on your back it’s still tummy time. Don’t stress too much just keep trying it’ll happen.


They all learn to walk eventually! Don’t worry so much!!! I never did, and they turned into strong men.