My 3-month-old is very gassy: What can I do to help him?

I have a three month old baby boy who is teething badly and isn’t colicky; but cries and/or whines when he farts. He has really big burps often and sometimes I can hear his tummy grumble after he has eaten. I want to get him some gas drops because I have heard that they work really well but I am also scared about what I put in his little body. Do you mommas have any advice or know of anything I can give him to make him more comfortable?


I often to bicycle legs and rub my little girls stomach to help release the gas. When it’s really bad and nothing seems to be helping, I give her Cocyntol which works really well.

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Gripe water and gas drops are a lifesaver in my house!

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Try warm perified water mixed with a spoon full of dark Kayro syrup…It has worked on thousands of babies…encluding my four

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I really liked little remedies product. I felt they weren’t as strong but still very affective…

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you can try Gripe Water, although it didn’t work for my little guy who’s also very gassy and has tummy pains it may just work for yours.

Gripe water , gas drops , bicycle legs , rub tummy, warm bath , try less when giving a bottle and then more frequently instead of your normal regimen


Gas drops saved my sanity

Gripewater works well

Infant gas drops are fine to give him… my 5 month old takes them when needed has since she was 2 months.

I push my baby’s knees (gently ofcourse) up to his tummy to relieve gas, works very well

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Butterfly kicks n maybe a little gripe water . It made my son get diarrhea

The only thing I ever found that actually works is dewees

Gas drops worked for mine

When my son was little a very gassy I talked to his Dr and they switched his formula to soy and that helped a Lot.

Gas drops works wonders my little one was the same way and also talked to wic about the formula and they changed it to gentle ease

Go to your pharmacy and get some simethicone.

If he is formula fed try a different formula if you haven’t already. Our baby struggled with the similac sensitive, but we went to comfort and he’s been fine since

Well if it says “baby” on the box I think you’re good :woman_facepalming: also you can Google literally everything and it will tell you. What do you think the World Wide Web is for? You get the same amount of opinions only difference is your phone isn’t blowing up with notifications :woman_shrugging::woman_facepalming:.

I do a dose of gripe water in every night time bottle. And every so often during the day depending on how he is! I have a 4 month old. Been using it since he was 2 months