My 3-month-olds eyes are always watery: Advice?

So my son is three months old, ever since he was born he’s had super watery eyes, and he wakes up with them almost matted together with gunk no matter how many times I clean them, the doctor suggests I look into eye surgery but I’d really rather not. Opinions and suggestions???


My son had the same thing, it was a blocked tear duct. They said it could go away but his never did. I had them do the surgery, it was super quick and fixed the issue.

Sounds like the baby has blocked tear ducts give it some time they may up block themselves. Use warm compresses and rub the child’s face along the nose from the bottom of the nose to the baby’s eye. My daughter use to have this issue until she was almost 14 months old.

My son was born with slanted tear ducts, so that was frequent for us from birth. By the time he was two it cleared up. He’s 11 now with no problems. Good luck!

His tear ducts are clogged- he may grow out of it or they may get worse. I’d definitely see a specialist and get a second opinion. Keep them clean and use warm compresses on them.


Taking suggestions from strangers against a doctor’s suggestion? I personally would research the surgery…good luck with yer little…they are so precious :blush:


If your doctor recommended surgery, perhaps there aren’t any further suggestions to give?


I was told a bit of breastmilk on cotton wool and wipe from the tear duct, across the eye. If you dont breastfeed then warm boiled water not hot


I suggest listening to your doctor!


My daughter had clogged tear ducts and her daughter did too. My daughter got sick with a high fever when she was 18 months old and never had a problem again. Her daughter who is now 4 hasn’t had issues with the clogged ducts for several years. However she does have allergies that she takes Claritin year round for. Her pediatrician had her wipe her eyes several times a day with saline on a clean cotton ball when they were gunky. And massage the corner of the affected eye in small circular motion with light pressure. I did the massage on my daughter too.

The surgery was amazing for my son! At least take the time to get a second opinion from a pediatric ophthalmologist.

My son had this, it was blocked tear ducts. It eventually went away. Just had to keep cleaning his eyes with a warm wash cloth, no surgery was ever recommended.

You didn’t say what kind of doctor recommended surgery. Get a 2nd opinion from an eye specialist.


Sounds like clogged tear ducts…my son had the same thing when he was small. Use a warm washcloth on them like a compress whenever he will let you, lol…especially when feeding. Should clear up soon after🥰

Your child needs a nasal lacrimal dilatation. Easy peasy procedure. My daughter had it done, later I would be tech in room during the procedure.

What you are describing are allergy symptoms, and you should consult with an allergy Doctor. Also, if you have pets, try keeping them away from him and see if that improves the watering eyes. If so, its definately allergies. Avoid the doctor who recommended surgery without first establishing a cause for the symptoms.


Take him to an eye specialist.


Perhaps he has allergies?


Are his bottom lashes going into his eyes? My baby girl had such chunky cheeks that her bottom lashes were being pushed into her eyes. Her eyes were always gunky and teary… we saw a specialist but the gunk and teary eyes stopped when her lashes finally started going outwards :laughing:

He has clogged tear ducts. An ophthalmologist can open them.

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