My 3 year old has an enlarged kidney and needs surgery: Advice?

My son is three years old and has an enlarged kidney since I was pregnant with him, and today I found out it’s blocked. I’m freaking out about him having surgery; they think they can put in a stent but still figuring out the best thing to do for him. Has anyone gone through this?


My middle son was born with congenital glaucoma, he has shunts in both eyes, several surgeries and three eye drops. Do what needs to be done. You’re his momma for a reason, you got this.

Pray for the answer to come to you honey is all I can say! So sorry and I’m praying for you and your kid’s!

My son was born with one kidney at 88 or at 12. I did not know this til he got hit by a car when he was 16 he is now 34 he played in football before we found all this out and he is doing great. The doctor told us as the good doesn’t suffer trauma he should be ok . HE didn’t know what cause it. Thank God he ok

My little brother had this… when my mom was pregnant with him. He had surgery when he was really little tho

Mine did. Was found in utero, turned out to be a cyst in his ureter causing reflux.
He was home the same day after operation. He was 9 months.

Does he have hydronephrosis? Did they do any testing after he was born?

This probably isn’t helpful but I’m going through this while pregnant right now, but my uterus is pressing on my kidney so I’m the one with the hydronephrosis and may have to have the stent put in :sob: hoping baby doesn’t feel any of my pain

I went through this while I was pregnant with my daughter. The surgery isn’t painful. They put you to sleep, place the Stent and clear the blockage. It’s minorly uncomfortable for the first few hours but no real pain. The big thing is is you have to make sure that he’s drinking lots of water, juice to clear out any residual blockage that may be in the kidney.

I had kidney surgery in 2006 for an enlarged kidney I was born with but didn’t have any issues until I was 16. It was called a pyloplasty surgery (spelling is probably incorrect) I also had many many kidney stones that the kidney didn’t pass that they took out and they put a stent in! 17 years later I beat the odds was told I would be on dialysis by the time I was 30 and here I am don’t really ever have any problems with it anymore!


My 4 year old had to have his kidney removed as he had a cancerous “bump.” Kids heal so fast it’s truly amazing. The hardest part was watching him in pain after the surgery but it’s short lived and the nurses we had were amazing. Our surgeon said “the kids do as well as the parents.” We kept all of our tears for when he was not around or sleeping. He had some anxiety when we had to get him out of bed because it hurt. Once we tried some anxiety medicine it was fine and he never needed it again. We had the best nurses, nursing assistants, oncologists and surgeon it made an amazing impact on him and us.

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My son’s kidney ruptured when he was a teenager because they didn’t find the problem when he was a baby. My advice is do the surgery and fix the problem now because it can get bad fast.

My husband have 5 in his heart he live20 more years with them stent we well pray for him.

Sending strong healing prayers :pray:

My son was sick regularly for a year. I would take him to the doctors or ER every month with stomach pain. They would X-ray him & say he was “backed up” give me some medicine & send us home. Finally almost a year to the day when symptoms started. I took him to the ER & explained what was going on. I told the doctor please don’t just do an X-ray. Something is really wrong with him. She checked his medical records & agreed to CT scan him. She found an enlarged kidney & we were moved to a children’s hospital. While there they found he had a blockage. They did surgery to place a stent in. He was there for 3-4 days sent home & a month later went in for outpatient surgery to remove stent. He had follow appointments every 3 months for a year & 1/2. He healed completely. He was 8-9 years old when this all happened. He’s now 19 & has had no further problems. He played soccer, football, basketball & baseball while growing up. Never has had any issues. It’s a scary situation having your child be sick & have to have surgery’s. Be strong! Everything your feeling is so normal. I asked a lot of questions & the doctor walked me through everything. I’m so grateful children’s hospital. They’re amazing!!


Wow, I’m so sorry. It’s always good to get two doctors to concur when the condition is serious. Prayer for you and your son.

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Get the absolute best doctor in the absolute best hospital and then trust them.

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I had a blocked kidney i was much older. I had to have surgery also, I keep getting uti and fever and really high heart rate… prayers for your little guy

My son had surgery for a blocked kidney Sept 2019, he was four. It was done laparascopicly. He stayed a couple nights at the hospital, and had a stint for 7 weeks. The stint removal was an outpatient procedure, in and out in the same day. He had follow up appointments every three months, his last appointment was last July, now we have a year between follow-ups. I was very scared and a wreck, but he is perfectly fine and healthy now.


My son went through this, they also detect it when I was pregnant with him. He had surgery and everything came out good. He had a stent put in because his kidney was not draining all the fluid so his kidney was way bigger than the other. I’m wondering why they are just now thinking about surgery if they saw this since the pregnancy, my son is now 3 and he had surgery when he was 7 months old. The doctor had to actually cut around the kidney to make it smaller, imagine if you have a balloon and it is blown up to the max and then you deflate it that is what his kidney looked like after the surgery the doctor said my son had like the quantity of a whole can of soda of fluid in his kidney, that is alot for a 7 month old baby. Trust in God and the doctors your baby needs the surgery and he will be ok :pray::heart: