My 3-year-old has been stressing me out: Thoughts?

I am a mommy to 4 great kiddos (6,5,3,9months) and they are great kids, but I struggle with my son. I feel Like it’s the hardest with my 3 year old. He doesn’t listen and just acts out, hitting , kicking crying when he doesn’t get what he wants. I will tell him to do something and he just stares at me like he doesn’t even care. He can be a little defiant but I usually chalk it up to being 3. He is abnormally smart kids and very independent. I will tell my older child to stop doing something and he will start doing it. I love him but right now I don’t like this stage and it’s stressing me out. I feel like I have to yell for him to listen because normal tones he ignores. Has anyone experienced this? Do they grow out of it? Any helpful tips? I’m going TIA!


My 4 year old son does this. Tends to bring out the worst in my two girls. Today he ripped his shoes off his baby sister and knocked her over. I’m still hoping it’s a phase

Currently going through this so I’m following ! …

My son was like that, he’s now 5 and just got dignosied with ADHD/ODD (until he gets older there’s no real way of telling which one of the two he has because they both Express themselves the same way in young children). Some things are better but many things are the same.

Seeing his pediatric counselor, which most pediatric offices will have available, helped me more then him when dealing with that stress and frustration and a giftedly independent and strong willed child.
Occupational therapy also helped us a lot too when he was a little bit older, and then preschool when he was old enough.


Threenager. Going through it too with mine

I would also have to say that momma having a baby 9 months ago may play a factor in his actions…he’s not the baby anymore and he may not understand that…


Its normal… 3 and 4 are the worst in my opinion…forget terrible 2s!!! My daughter is now 13 and she went through it and I have a now almost 4 yr old. Some days are beyond stressful

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Have you had his hearing checked??

He is being a typical 3yo with a new sibling. Hang in there mama. It’ll get better

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Different temperament than the other kids certainly makes it hard to anticipate what he needs. But that stubborn mess comes in handy when he’s older. He won’t give in to peer pressure. He will be determined to reach his goals. My sister was this kid and she went to law school. She teaches political science now. She never did the stupid stuff I did as a teen because she wasn’t interested in following anyone else’s beat.

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He’s just jelly, he’ll grow out of it, I went through it with all four of my kids 🤷 very stressfull, hang in there

He wants negative attention look that up and you can figure out how to fix it bc right now your doing what he wants

He may be acting out for attention.

My 8 and 9 year old(both girls) are a pain in my ass always bringing the worst out of someone always fighting they argue over the stupidest things . I dont have any solid advice I try to tune them out cuz its nonstop screaming is just not good for me period so I just try my best I’m gonna die over winter break!. Maybe since it’s just one kid he will grow out of it or u can look up ways to help? Idk well good luck momma

Sounds like every kid that age. My 2year old daughter is the same

My 3 yr old is the same! She very high needs and high strung. She’s strong willed and will tell you what she thinks. She screams and squeals. It makes me nuts. My oldest is 16 and never acted like this little ninja warrior. My oldest is calm and quiet, never been in trouble and makes good grades. Always had a job. My youngest is 2 and she is more like my oldest, she’s sweet and loving but had her moments from picking up bad habits from her sister. They are fearless and will try me every chance they get. One minute they love each other the next they are fighting like the UFC.

Yuhp. #motherhood haha. My son is adorable but he’s the devil incarnate, nothing like my daughter was. Now she’s 10, and just as bad as him haha.

Just be patient and consistent with your rules, pick your battles too. One thing fir certain what might of worked for your older kids discipline wise might not work for him. Look into 123 magic and maybe a timeout chair or spot. Lots of praise when he is doing good stuff and listening. Make sure you are coming down to his level and making sure he understand what you expect of him. Like example we are going into the store you can hold mommy’s hand or sit in the cart if you dont listen then you will get ( whatever punishment is) and be consistent no matter how much he kicks or screams or tries to be sweet stick to it. Good luck mama… you got this

Mannnn my son is 14 months and DOES NOT LISTEN. He starts hitting his head off of whatever is around him, throws things repeatedly to break then and if that doesn’t work he tries to bite me. The best thing I can say is a light but stern spank on the butt.

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Sweetie he’s 3 and yes sounds like a handful. He may be processing thoughts a little different which in turn can/will affect behavior. Have you taken him doctor - start there maybe chemical imbalance- worse case - but the MD can help take the next step. I have worked with children considered “high risk and behaviorally challenged “- mouthful - anyways Medical 1st- good luck

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