My 3-year-old is having trouble potty training: Advice?

My daughter will be 3 in July. I am having a crazy hard time with potty training her. When she was turning two, she was very excited to start using the potty and was doing a good job. She has had problems with her poop and yeast infections due to antibiotics pretty regularly. Now we have backtracked pretty far. I stay consistent, have things to motivate her, praise her when she goes, or even when she just tries to, tell her about potting, watch videos on it, and everything. Give her rewards. She’s just not wanting to. Any tips?


All kids go at their own pace she may not be quite ready.

I had my kid pick out his underwear, pick out his pull ups/training pants. We have watched videos and read potty training books.
We also have done the bottomless method

every child is different. if you can take a weekend and have her sit on her potty every 20-25 minutes. if you don’t have a potty go to the store and have her pick it out on her own. also try putting her in panties. this helped with my daughter but having to be consistent is what helped the most. i also gave her m&m when she peed on the potty.

She’s just not ready. I motivated my girls with cute panties that they did not want to mess up.
She may be a little upset about the yeast infection
Antibiotics and diarreah also. She’s little maybe it just set her back some. Be patient she will get there.

She may not be ready, but if you think she is, only put her in panties during the day, no pullups, take her every 15 to 30 minutes and sit her on the potty. Give reward (like one or two m&ms or a pack of fruit snacks, something that is a treat) for successful times.

My son took forever to potty train. One day I just took everything off. No pants, no underwear, no pull ups, and just let him go. I would remind him every 20-30 minutes and after a few days he just started going on his own. A few accidents but he didn’t like going on himself. Good luck!

Do not worry too much,she is not ready yet.She will when she is ready,Fo not force her.

Best advice I ever dot 40 yrs ago: how many kindergarteners do you know who are not potty trained? Give him time! With that said, “hit the Cheerio” & matching dad shorts helped! :slight_smile:

Get her something like this and whenever you need to go take her with you. It will take time but whenever she ready she will start using especially if you go with her

She will do it when she’s ready. Seriously. No need in stressing over it. My oldest had just turned 2 when she potty trained. My youngest was 3.5… they do it in their own time.

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Get the book Potty Training in Three Days by Brandi Brucks.

So I read an article on “intensive potty training” basically you stay home for 3 days with child & take them to the potty every 15 minutes on the dot and stay consistent for those 3 days. My daughter is two, I haven’t tried the every 15 minute thing but since it’s mainly only her and I home all day everyday I just let her be without a diaper & she goes potty all day long on her own & just ask her repeatedly if she has to go so maybe can try that?

She’s 2, give it some time.

Then don’t push it. Wait for a while and try again. She won’t go to kindergarten in diapers, promise. She just may need a little more time.

My daughter is 3 and autistic. When we are home she has no pants on. She do have pull ups on. We also putt her little potty in the living room where she most of the time. We also a sticker chart she got very excited everytime because she got a sticker when she went. Now she doesn’t even ask for sticker anymore. But when its been about 2 hr since shes gone we tell her to go pick out a sticker.

My daughter turned 3 about a month ago. She was doing ok with peeing and pooping was jut not happening. All of a sudden in the last couple of weeks it’s like a switch flipped and she’s all about it and taking care of it herself. Just give her time, she may not be ready yet.

I went through the same with our 3 year old once she got it right she didn’t want to do it any more and then all of a sudden no problems and no pullups. Just be patient she will get it together.

Het private areas are probally tender. Do you use dyed or fragranced toilet paper ? If so stop. It can caise problems. Do you use diapers or pull ups.? Pull ups are the best. Take her shopping for her big girl panies and let her pivk out ones she really likes and if she potts in the big girl psnties she likes throw them away when it happens maybe that will change her mind.

My 2 year old has a lottle potty buy doesn’t even want to look at it. She rather nappies and im fine with that. They all go when their ready but nothing wrong with giving them a little push