My 3 year old refuses to eat: What should I do?

What do I do if my three years old refuses to eat? It doesn’t matter what I make. Even meals I’ve made him before, and he liked. It is a fight for every meal. I’ve given up; he’d rather go to sleep than eat


My 3 yr old is the same way. He will eat something one day that he wont eat the next… His pediatrician suggested pediasure . 2 a day. I don’t beg for him to eat anymore… He will ask when he is hungry. Whenever that usually is will vary and isnt very often. Ive heard its normal


My 2 year old does that. She will eat when she is hungry. My doctor isn’t concerned about her weight or anything so I just don’t fight it anymore


Find the thing he does like and have him eat that lol. Or do little amounts of variety and show that you like what you are serving even if ya gotta fake it. Oh yum, this is SO good.

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Introduce pediasure and wait till he’s hungry.
Mine always wanted to try new foods when I am cooking, put his chair in the kitchen and let him participate to his ability.
Don’t force feed, reinterest in food.

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My 3yo does this. His peds wasnt worried.

My doc told me its a power struggle and they wont starve themselves… If I was worried i could give them ovaltine… I usually saved their dinner for when they said they were hungry later.

Then let him go to sleep

He will eat when he’s hungry. Replace meals he doesn’t eat with Pediasure.

He’ll eat when he’s hungry

Don’t even waste your time fighting him to eat. If he doesn’t want to eat, try offering a variety of smaller snacks throughout the day. Eventually, he’ll get hungry enough to eat. I think of it this way, if I didn’t want to eat and someone kept trying to force me to, I’d get pretty pissed about it. So offer the smaller snacks, if he doesn’t want it, shrug it off and move on. My 18 month old does this and I’ve learned to not make a big deal out of it. She’ll get hungry eventually. As long as I’m offering a variety of nutritious meals and snacks, I’m doing the best that I can. They’re little humans, they’ve got opinions about food too :woman_shrugging:t2:


Could be a growth spurt, my toddler one week will be absolutely ravenous then the next week be tired and would rather sleep.

Its weird but thats how littles grow. Also on his “rest weeks” i give him smoothies and sneak in nutrients that way

When my son was little I had him help me cook. I gave him plastic knife and he would sample veggies when he cut them. He would be full by time dinner got prepared.

I give mine vitamins. I also make him drink. Then I try to let him eat some of what he will eat. Ugh with the eggo waffles

When my daughter was 1-3 she wouldn’t eat anything. Just here and there some days she’d eat some she wouldn’t. I stopped forcing and begging. My pediatrician wasn’t concerned of her weight or anything and told me it’s so common and most likely a phase. She’s turning 5 now and eats ! She’s still picky but she does eat much more and is more hungry. I agree to introduce the pedia sure and of course talk to your pediatrician for a everyday multi vitamin

He will eat eventually. As long as he’s getting fluids. Get some pedisure or something to replace what vitamins he losing from not eating.

Kids eat when they are hungry… stop trying to force him to eat​:rage::rage::rage: he will let you know when he is ready to eat. If you offer something and he refuses then he’s NOT HUNGRY!!!

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Let him serve himself (with your help of course) and only give it to him if he asks. Reverse phycology.

All mine went through stages like that or only wanted one thing. My youngest went through a corn phase lol so weird! I just always offered dinner, didn’t make a huge fuss, and gave them pediasure or carnation instant breakfast when they went through these phases. Now my 4 are 4, 7, 10, and 12 and nobody is picky and they will eat everything just about. Try not to stress too much Mama!

When my two-year-old went through this. I took her to the doctor. Thinking something was wrong with her and the doctor told me there was nothing wrong with the child. When she goes to Growing spurts she will eat more and when she’s not she will eat less. Not to worry she will eat when she needs to.