My 3-year-old talks in third person: How can I break this?

My son is almost three and talks phenomenally. Better than most kids his age. However, he speaks in the third person. Ex: “(name) likes this or (name) wants this” How can I break him of that? Also, he talks really fast and repeats himself over & over. His dr says he might need speech therapy? Anyone deal with this? We’re hoping to enroll him in preschool next fall, so I want to help him.


Sounds normal at that age

My daughter used to do the same thing. It’s normal.

That is normal… He’ll get over it with time…

LEAVE HIM BE!!! He is himself! If he is communicating and being understood, then leave it alone! Praise him! Dont pick apart his personality, love all the things that make him him!!


He’s just a toddler, hun. Nothing to worry about

Leave him be or let him know how to say it and then give him his wish when he says it

I wouldn’t go about speech therapy yet, once he goes to school it will help him with his speech, when he gets to kindergarten if it still continues the preschool or kindergarten teacher will recommend to you an actual speech therapists until then, I would just correct him and say, "I want this not (name) wants this"and ask him to slow down consistently when he is talking

my son and nephew do the same , it’s not concerning at all :blush::blush:

It is a normal stage. My daughter has done it and still does it every now and again.

Either people complain because their kid don’t talk,or their kids don’t talk the way they want them to. He’s three, leave him alone


It’s just a phase. He’ll get out of it eventually. Kid’s do the funniest thing’s at this age :slight_smile:

My niece did the same, they grow out of it, he’s still young and they still don’t understand the concept of me him her them, he’ll be fine

I started speaking with a ‘Boston-like’ accent at around 4. It lasted about a year and no one had any idea where I picked it up from. We knew no one from that area. Kids are odd and letting them be odd, as long as it’s not unhealthy to them or those around then is what makes them unique. :slight_smile: I’d be more concerned if he continues once he starts school.


My 2 yr old just went thru this all my kids did. I had one that instead of saying “i want xyz” would say “my want xyz” they are learning to talk and when you talk to them you call them by their name so thats how he thinks he needs to talk.

Probably a phase. I would leave him alone. As long as everyone else in the house is talking normally he should catch on eventually

Yeh, all of mine did that at three. Now they are just older and continuously repeat themselves. The 3rd person is normal at their age. Soon it will be I want…

lol I had the same problem mom,my daughters in crèche so I guess from being around other kids she grew out of it…

My daughter is 3, almost 4 and has perfect speech, very smart, and started talking early in sentences. And she recently started talking in the third person too and I figured this was normal and will grow out of it. I haven’t been worried about it at all.

Sounds normal to me!
My 3 year old is a great talker and refers to himself in 3rd person but as characters he’s pretending to be. Ex: “Sonic will be happy if you give him chocolate.” (& he’s Sonic). I’d just let him keep talking the way he is, and he’ll grow out of it. Enjoy the cuteness of it.