My 3-year-old twins have cavities: Advice?

Our two three-year-olds (yes, twins) have some cavities in between a few of their front teeth and are having them filled soon. Their dentist originally suggested we have them put under general anesthesia for the procedures because of the location of the cavities and age of the kiddos, but we’re wondering if that’s really the only viable option. My husband and I would prefer to avoid such an intense form of sedation because both kids really love the dentist and are so patient and well behaved every time we go, and general anesthesia comes with so many more risks. So for parents who’ve had their toddlers get cavities filled, what sedation options did you have, and what did your dentist use? I just want to add that we’re already ashamed and feel guilty for them having cavities in the first place. They shouldn’t have had so many sugary snacks, and we should’ve been more strict on brushing twice a day AND flossing. We know this was our screw up, so if you want to harp on us, just please don’t.


I’d get a second opinion, just to make sure especially if you’re having doubts


My daughter who is 18 now went under at 3 years old its scary but they will be fine

Laughing gas is a good option

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If they’re just gonna lose the teeth anyway, why fill the cavities? I mean, are the kids in pain? If not, I’d leave them and wait for them to fall out naturally. Front teeth usually are some of the first to go. And monitor their diet.

I’d definitely go with sedation!!

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There was a dentist who was local to my area and he was known for putting kids under and doing unnecessary procedures and not doing things he said he was, along with drinking on the job and being unnecessarily rough with small children. I always get a second opinion


They will probably will put them to sleep since there so young in age it will be okay

Why would they do anyrhing those teerh r going to fall out


Been there…mom guilt sucks. Our only option was general anesthesia even though my daughter too loved the dentist (still does) and never had issues with going. I was nervous giving the possibilities that could happen but we didn’t really have another option. The dentist was so good to keep me posted throughout and given how she felt afterwards I truly think general anesthesia was the best option.

I had Cavities filled at age 4. I am an Epileptic. I was not sedated.

Look into silver diamine or check if your local hospital (and insurance coverage) will allow you to do the procedure there.

My 2nd son had to do this procedure cause once one cavity popped up ( a little dot) it spread like wild fire but he never was good at the dentist… now next week my 3rd son has to go for the same thing but his tooth decay is a bit worse (on quite a few molars…) although you can blame yourself, our dentist also assured us that it’s so easy for milk teeth to get cavities because their enamel is so soft… we now supplement daily with vitamin d3 and k2 in drops plus a multi vitamin as well. So far my 3rd son hasn’t had any problem with cavities

My son had a cavity filled when he was 6 and they used laughing gas. Worked out great…

We got a second opinion and ended up finding someone who did laughing gas. My daughter loved it and asked for more :joy::joy:

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Do not let him pull those out. My dentist did that to me as a child and I now have a narrow roof in my mouth where I can barely fit my pinky finger in it.

They sedated my 6 yr old and he did great! Most of the time they use versed and they don’t remember anything! Nothing wrong with it but if you don’t treat the teeth then it can do the same to the tooth next to it!

Having the cavities filled may cause more fear than having them put under sedation. My son has autism and cannot tolerate the noise of the drill, all of his dental work is done under sedation. He has not had any problems with it.


From experience they wont love it if you dont …

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Get a second opinion!!