My 4-month-old refuses to hold his head up: Thoughts?

I have a 4-month-old baby, and he refuses to hold his head upon his belly during tummy time or use his arms to push up. The dr says he has great muscle tone and strength in his arms and legs. He can hold it up some on his belly( does better with use of boppy) but just not real high. He can hold it up sitting in my lap or when I let him stand on my lap. He also tries to sit up on his own while I’m holding him, I joke and say he is doing crunches because that’s what it looks like. It’s just during tummy time. He is still wobbly, but that’s ok. I was late starting tummy time. I didn’t start it till he was two months and if he gets mad, I pick him up, so I’m sure that’s part of it too. Do any other moms experience this? If so, did they eventually just do it and go on to crawl ok?


Do it skin to skin on your chest!
Even just in a reclined position instead of just on your back.
It helped my LO a ton


don’t book baby. he is fine. only 4 months. mine didnt do much till 6 months and then he barely even did the crawl stage, starting trying to walk at 1 year


Physical therapist typically do a free evaluation. Have to get a referral from the pediatrician first.


Dude…He’s tiny. Have some patients.


He’s still practicing, keep at it and before you know it he’ll be there! Tummy time a few times a day, even when he’s grumpy. That’s the hard part. He’s still pretty young to be worried if doctor isn’t.

I hardly ever did tummy time. My 6 month old refused to roll and she still won’t but now she sits up completely on her own and because she has good strength her dr isn’t worried she says sometimes babies won’t do stuff cuz they just don’t want to not cuz they can’t


His only four months old I wouldn’t stress, my second daughter didn’t start crawling until 11 months haha


Hes four months old. Chill out, don’t rush. Every child is different. They all progress on their own time. Your child will get there.


Every baby develops at their own personal rate. I have 4 children and each one was different. I actually felt the same as you when my second baby came along. My first was an early bird with everything… my second took his time. With all of that being said, you are his momma, if your instincts are telling you something isn’t right please get a second opinion! Put your mind at ease, or maybe find out a little physical therapy can solve things. You’re doing great! Do what’s best for you and your son. Good luck :heart:

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He’s 4 months…give him time

Hes just 4 months all babies are different. Give him more time and keep doing tummy time maybe put some kind of nursery rhyme on your phone to get his attention while hes doing tummy time that may help him hold his head up to look!

He’s fine. Just keep atvit

Every baby is different. My baby is 5 months tomorrow, and I never did tummy time with her cause she would scream her head off, she hated it so much.

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Maybe try tummy time across your lap?

You’d be surprised how much tummy time he gets. Even when he’s on his tummy on your chest, or when you lift him up to the sky(like a superman pose). You’ll notice it looks like he’s clenching. That’s still tummy time. They typically say about “30 minutes” of tummy time throughout a day for a 4 month old… so it all adds up when you’re picking him up and putting him down. He’ll communicate when he’s done with the tummy play. So even a few seconds here and there help!

Before by son learned to crawl we placed a mirror quite a ways from him but still in front of him and let him look up to himself. Played nursery rhymes and sang to him to keep him occupied. Sometimes he could do tummy time for a few seconds to a couple minutes at a time. It’s a learning process. :heart:

He needs his back muscles to help lift his head when on his tummy. It’s essential for development. He’s working on it, and if he fusses during tummy time, get down with him and play so he doesnt feel so alone

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My son hated tummy time. He started holding himself up by 5 months. Started walking at 9 months then crawled afterwards. All babies are different. Do what you feel is best. Not all babies develop the same or like the same things.

My little one only started to really hold his head up at 5.5 - 6 months on tummy time. Yours is still diddy, don’t worry to much xx

4 months … maybe at 5 you can start potty training :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: not to sound rude but he’s still really small

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