My 4 year old daughter is a very picky eater: Advice?

My daughter is 4yrs. Old and still very picky. We tried OT for her because the doctor recommended it. But it’s not working. She only eats chicken and sometimes a Lil bit of beef from pot roast. She had fish sticks, but she only eats like two pcs. She eats fruits but not veggies; the only veggies that she will take is if it’s in broccoli cheese soup. I tried to make shapes and stuff, so she shell has fun with her food, but she still very picky. She doesn’t even like pizza, hotdog, or hamburger. Please, no mean questions, just wanted some opinions from other people what do they do. Thank you.


Sometimes if they get to help coom it, they are more likely to eat it

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my 4yr old is also INSANELY picky. I try to get her to try new stuff every now and again, but don’t force it. forcing trying new foods is what usually gets kids to be picky, and less willing to try new foods in the future. as long as your child is still thriving, most peds don’t worry. all kids get picky to a degree and survive off chicken nuggets and spaghetti. if it’s to the point where your kid like starts gagging JUST because it’s a new food, then they have food therapists out there that you can ask your ped about

My daugther is picky eater too… but she is scared of me so she has no choice but to eat the food…


Is it because she really doesn’t like it or because she knows you’ll cave and give her what she wants?


My picky eater would eat veggies with ranch dressing on them, also I would stick veggies she would not like into foods she did like, for example she loved spaghetti with lots of sauce, I would chop up the veggies into super small bits and she would eat them not knowing they were there. She grew used to the tastes, you could also try smoothies with a few veggies thrown in like celery and carrots. Good luck.

Lol simple eat what’s i made or dont. More you give in the more they know and worse it gets. Lol…

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They can eat or not. My pet peeve is a picky eater.


My grandson is 8 yrs old and he is also a picky eater…don’t like fruit and veg…only eat certain foods don’t like pizza …very picky but likes chicken nuggets and chips as long as he’s eating enough …we know he’ll be fine…just like your child…maybe they’ll eat better as they get older

If she eats broccoli cheese soup, try broccoli and cauliflower with cheese sauce. Green bean or sweet potato fries. If she likes dips or sauces alway offer them… just makes food more fun. And don’t say anything when she wants ranch on her eggs or dips a carrot in ketchup cause at least she’s eating.
When you have dinner as a family be overly dramatic about how l good a food is that you want her to try… like this is oh soo good you can try it but mommy only made a little bit. So you can only have a few bits.

Look…my daughter was a perfect eater. Loved fruits and veggies, always tried something new, absolutely fearless. My stepdaughter? We fought at every meal, every day, for 3 years because she would only eat chicken nuggets and hot dogs. My son? I would give anything for him to even try a hot dog. All kids are different…just keep working with her, keep offering things…she’ll grow out of it.

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Feed her what she likes… Even if it’s repetitious… She won’t starve… Supplement with meal shakes if her weight slacks, it tends to be easier to get them to drink than to eat… Try the veggie and fruit pouches and Tyson makes chicken nuggets with veggies in them… She’ll eat more when she’s ready… That’s one thing you can’t force them to do without potential causing lasting damage…


Is it a texture issue? Even as an adult, there are foods I can’t eat due to texture.

Eat with her and hold up your spoon with food and tell her let’s do cheers

Just feed her what she likes! She doesn’t really need vegetables right now fruit is great all that really matters is that she eats

Mine is the opposite we can’t get her to eat meat at all. She loves fruits and fries and mac n cheese. Sometimes hotdogs very rarely and pbj. That’s about it. We try new foods weekly and she just gags or vomits it’s not texture or taste she is just very picky

It could be a texture issue or how the food is presented. If it looks a certain way it could be off putting. My son has a texture issue. I have one also and I’m 29 yrs old lol.

Have you tried food therapy??

Smoothies u can put kale all kinds of veggies and fruits

Just make sure she drinks plenty and she will eat when she’s hungry