My 4-year-old daughter suffers from night terrors: Advice?

My four-year-old daughter has suffered from night terrors for the past year. I’ve learned now not to try and wake her and just to wait for them to pass; however, they seem to be getting worse. She’s started spitting, wetting herself and she’s started trashing her room. She had one earlier tonight, and she’s smashed my iPad, which she threw it across the room - when she snapped out of it, she was in tears and was so upset she’d broken it as it’s totally not what she’s like normally. I can only explain it as it’s like she’s been possessed when it’s happening. I’ve taken her to the doctors, but they say she’ll grow out of it. I just wondered if anyone has any tips or advice as I’m starting to get worried she’s going to accidentally hurt herself or her little brother without realizing


Has she been abused? Those are symptoms of an abused child.
Talk with your child, and really listen.

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If it’s true night terrors, make sure she gets to rest during the day. From my experience, night terrors happened when the child was over exhausted/over stimulated for the day.

My neice deals with these. She is not abused at all. Some kids unfortunately have them. She fights and screams bloody murder in her sleep. She is also 4. Night terrors don’t automatically mean abuse or trauma. Her brain is still developing and growing. Take her in to see a child therapist they work wonders with kids and will show you how to manage them

if she’s having night terrors, the best thing i can suggest is make sure shes not around anything that could hurt her. if shes in her bed in her own room. don’t leave the ipad out and just make sure theres nothing she can hurt herself on. its a scary experience for anyone involved, but the best thing you can do to protect her is to make sure shes in a place where shes not going to hurt anyone else or anything else in her sleep

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Ask your child if there is anything bothering her. Children that young dont quite know how to process their feelings sometimes so it may come out in different ways.

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This sounds like she is being abused. Take her to a therapist. Now. Find one who specializes in play therapy. Is she with anyone alone for extended periods of time? How old is her brother? Any older male or female relatives or friends shes alone with? Get that child help. Now. I did this same thing at 4 and am 27 and still suffer night terrors at times. I was abused by mom’s male “friend”.


Our youngest son exhibited those same symptoms, running in place, impossible to wake. One suggestion, she might be having indigestion, limit her intake of spicy foods, fatty foods, and foods with additives like Red Dye and caffeine.

Are you going through a relationship break up or anything?

My little sister had them to the extreme of needing special locks on doors to prevent her from leaving the house at the same age. Night terrors happen because of messed up sleep cycles. To prevent most of them. Wake her up and hour after she goes to sleep, before the night terror, make she she is fully awake. Then let her go back to sleep. It worked wonders for my sister, and was a direction of her doctor. This was 20 years ago, so things to correct this may have changed, good luck!

Do the women responding that the child is being abused know anything about night terrors??? Six in 100 children experience night terrors. Some causes: they are over tired, Sick, stressed, not getting enough sleep, too much caffeine, sleeping in a new environment.


Everyone is different, my daughter has had night terrors. She’s never been abused or around any harmful situations. But she has been thru a lot of grief/deaths. I took her to a Dr they didnt do a damn thing to help her. I took her to see someone in my culture, who told me to cleanse her every other night with sage and to put a bundle if sweetgrass above her head where she sleeps. Its helped my child so far. I hope you get some relief with your situation. Blessing to you and your family.

I don’t believe your child was abused. Don’t listen to above.
Empty her room. Leave only a few stuffies and her bed so she can’t hurt herself or others.
Try lying with her until she falls asleep. Also a white noise machine or rain sounds. Something her brain can focus on.
See about going to a sleep consultant. Good luck mama.


I’d maybe get her to a homeopath. She will be prescribed a remedy to help her. Clear the room of th I ha that may hurt. Maybe start a new quiet bed time routine . Lots of luck x

Not joking at all! My kids would sleep in my bed and have night terrors! I thought until I realized I was me snoring and it scared the shit out if them! Lol

I disagree with a lot of the comments on here. My son went through horrible night terrors my mother didnt believe me until she saw it. Our doctor at the time said that yes he will outgrow it and just make sure he does not hurt himself and to just keep repeating his name…it is something they recognize to come out of it. It’s horrible to watch them go through this but calling his name did work and yes he did grow out of it

She needs a doctor not bloggers!


What Jenny Patch said!! SERIOUSLY!

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Health food shop may help medicine for her or paed

My son had those for years started around 3 1/2 after testing they said terrors and had me start giving him Benadryl a hour before he goes to sleep which really helped alot and no having these Do No Mean Your Child Has Been Abused in anyway , but there is a high chance of it being a form of tic disorder after my son stopped with the terrors his head started jerking anytime he gets tired or stressed out even now at age 28 but when the tics started at age 5 he was placed on respirdol how every you spell it. Lol but don’t worry mom just keep doors and windows locked so your child don’t get out and keep anything that they can hurt themselves or other put up , and I promise it will get better.