My 4-Year-Old Has Been Looking Up Inappropriate Things on YouTube: Advice?


"My four-year-old son has started looking up inappropriate videos on YouTube.

He’ll do the talk to text and say ‘people showing their butts’ or ‘baby in mommy’s belly.’ He knows it’s wrong because when I catch him he jumps and starts apologizing over and over.

We’ve told him those things are not for kids. And before you ask, he is literally never out of my sight. We basically never leave the house due to COVID. I’m wondering if anyone else has dealt with this and if anyone has any advice. Thank you!"

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“Why does a 4 yr old have a device and internet access?!?! Jeez try entertaining your kid - read him a storybook, take him outdoors, teach him colors and numbers.”

“I would hesitate to tell a 4-year-old that being curious about what butts look like or babies in bellies is “bad”. I think kids are curious. Maybe invest in some relevant age-appropriate books about those subjects and limit access to computers to time intentional activities like a movie or a game. I’m not sure surfing the internet is a super great idea for a 4-year-old.”

“How about you watch your kid while they play with the internet or don’t let them play at all. Simple. I honestly can’t believe it’s a hard choice for you to make. Be a bloody responsible parent and don’t rely on the internet to raise your kid”

#1 I agree he is too young for the internet. Period. But #2, find an age-appropriate video to explain these things to him. He is obviously curious and the more you push aside or deny him and answer, the more he is going to try to get one without you there to guide him.”

“Well first don’t shame him or he will always hide things from you because you overreact. He’s curious. He’s not being bad or inappropriate.”

“Really not that inappropriate. Butts are funny and he’s clearly curious about babies in mommies’ tummies. Maybe ask why they like watching that stuff. But 4 is young to have control of what they are wanting to watch.”

“I don’t see what he is looking up his bad. I don’t see how what he looked up was inappropriate.”

“Nothing you said here is inappropriate. Relax before you give him an unhealthy complex about butts and pregnant women.”

“Yeah, quit giving your four old access to youtube. My 9- and 11-year-olds only have access to youtube kids.”

“Sounds like a kid. Maybe try explaining things to him. Babies in mommy’s belly are way different than people showing butts though. One sounds like a kid trying to be funny, explain why it’s not. The other sounds like a genuine interest in pregnancy and where babies come from. Explain it to them.”

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Parental control… my 4 year old can only get on YouTube for kids…


There is a kids YouTube app that doesn’t have any of those videos on it

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Parental controls and set screen time limits if necessary.

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Yeah, quit giving your four old access to youtube. My 9 and 11 year old only have access to youtube kids.


Stop letting a 4 year old use YouTube.


Parental control…or, take the IPAD away completely until he can make better choices and be responsible


Take his electronics as punishment…then set up parental control. Link it into your phone so you know exactly what he is watching.


You can use parental passwords or delete YouTube and only allow him on the kids Youtub


Take the tablets away


Apparently he is out of your site or he would not have been able to look anything up. Stop letting him on YouTube. They make kidstube


Delete YouTube completely. We have gone through this issue too

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Baby in mommy’s belly I wouldn’t say is bad - talk about it with him , ask him why he’s looking for that

Parental control though defo , there is a kids YouTube you can put on which blocks loads of stuff x

  1. They make a kids YouTube and usually an app for kids that doesn’t allow bad stuff and you control the apps they have access too and all.
  2. Why is looking a baby in mommy’s belly bad?
  3. Why is he looking up people showing their butts? 4 year olds learn that behavior, it doesn’t just show up on its own. Did he see dad watching porn? Was he exposed to something in a show or movie? This is something that needs to be addressed swiftly, but delicately. He needs to know that naked bodies are completely natural and normal, but that the internet does not always portray them that way or portray them in natural states so you prefer he ask you if he had questions about educational material on the body. There are great resources out there for this.

Uh are you just not parenting him then? You say you’re with him all the time…but yet he still does this. So start limiting what he can and cannot have access to. I can see the butts being inappropriate. But why is a pregnant woman inappropriate?


My boys did that as well, they are 7 and 8. I told them if they are curious about something to talk to their dad or myself and then they lost YouTube privileges until they can not be inappropriate 🤷


We are ruining our kids with too much devices. When a kid starts kindergarten they should only be using the device for school. Make them play outside. Use their imaginations to create play.


Kids youtube, parental controls

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Kids are curious creatures and the internet allows for vast opportunities to look anything and everything up. YouTube for Kids is great once you set it up. I have passcodes set up and regular YouTube is not available (we have an Amazon Fire Tablet though, with a profile page just for my son. Anything else is locked and unable to access).

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Maybe you should just take it from him since he can’t use it appropriately