My 4-year-old twins do not listen: Advice?

So my kids are 4 (twins), and they just seem to be getting worse and worse. Walk all over their dad and me, and we’ve tried everything for discipline, and they just seem to be getting worse. Anytime they’re told no, they give you a look that says “f you” and continue to do what they’re not supposed to while making eye contact. They know right from wrong, but they still continue to do this stuff. Help mamas, I am so exhausted and burnt out


I have a four year old boy and you just described him! Nothing works, tried taking toys, cancelling days out, reward charts etc :smirk:


Buy the book 123Magic. Hard at first, but works quickly

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You have to put your foot down and let them know who’s boss take one in thier room the.other in the corner no more.priveleges no is no if you’ve tried everything.go to your pediatrician have him to a child psychologist good luck

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How about a good spanking.


They are testing you and know they are winning. Discipline them EVERY time, the same way! Talk back, discipline, tell me no, discipline, ignore me, discipline. They need to know their actions have consequences


Wish I could help but my 18 month old tells me NO and STOP all day long :woman_facepalming: Welcome to parenting!

They have personality. Maybe praise them while they’re doing what told. Ignore the looks. Lol. Too cute though. See if not making a deal changes the deal.

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Whoop their butts! Take away their toys for a solid week. Every single time they want to challenge you they get a swat, put in time out for 5 min, and whatever they like to play with gets taken away for three days. Don’t. Give. In. You have to 100% consistent with discipline. They walk on you because you allow them to! Acting like it’s cute is exactly the wrong thing to do. Its not cute it’s disrespectful and shouldn’t be tolerated.


A good swat on the butt does wonders! Tell them no ONE time and then give them a swat on the seat. They don’t get to defy you.


I’m raising a 4yo grandson and I ignore him to get his attention. Nobody likes to be ignored. I just walk away, lock myself in the bathroom. Tell him I am going to timeout and when he gets his mind right I will be out of timeout.


Time to tap that ass.


You have to put your foot down. YOU ARE THE PARENTS. Time outs! No treats, no outtings no tv. You let this go to far. Pop on the butt never hurt anyone. I said POP not BEAT


Separate them when doing punishment.


Consistency is key. Choose a form of discipline & be consistent with it. Don’t jump around with other methods. Don’t waver ever. Don’t discipline one moment and let it slide the next. Even on outings. Eventually (sometimes it takes a long time) they will realize there will be consequences every time.


No people a spanking or seat is only gonna make it worse they will rebel worse so what u have to do is take things away put one in a corner and the other one I a different room in a corner let them sit there as long as it takes and as many times it takes for them to get it they will learn they are testing you two and you both have to be on the same page take away favorite toys take away anything u think will get them to listen to you non means no or when I tell u to do something you will listen and out them in time out for however long u think is appropriate I did it I started out with two min then that didn’t work so I would keep uping the time till they got the picture I never once spanked my kids I always used time out and it worked for me u have to be firm and stand with the punishments don’t give in they are gonna cry n fight you but be strong don’t give in they are testing how far they can go that’s why they stare at you they are waiting for u to do something and when u don’t they know they can get away with it u have to punish them right away so they know they are smarter then you think you have to out smart them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: good luck

My daughter is five an has attitude ,for days…you have to talk to them calming n tell them that’s not okay.take stuff away for a day ,if my daughter says something bad I usually tap her in the mouth she knows better after words lol you can’t laugh at them when they do stuff then they guna think it’s a joke and ok to them

Because parents treat their kids like an adult, unwilling to punish them. Damn those are the age they push your limits and see what they can get away with. And they can be as asshole as they can and u still gonna love them. If you are unwilling to whoop their ass, at leastPut your foot down, take away things they love most, separate them, put each on time out corner, let them cry their shit out and don’t acknowledge it

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I whoop ass. Lol kidding some kids really do need smacked around. Not saying do it but i can imagine your thoughts sometimes…


If they don’t listen to you and blatantly disregard what you tell them to do/not to do then you aren’t disciplining them enough. Take away things. Put in time out. Whatever you do, BE CONSISTENT. Don’t forget the positives too. When they do something good or listen to you, praise them! Honestly it’s like training a puppy lol you have to be consistent and hold your ground. Don’t give in to tears or yelling, that only encourages bad behaviour. You aren’t a bad parent for disciplining your child, you are not their best friend you are their leader and you need to set boundaries for what will and will not be tolerated.