My 4-year-old walked into the bathroom while I was changing my pad: How can I explain this to him?

Help! My four year old busted through my washrooms door even though it was closed while I was changing my pad … and he saw all the blood and now he is traumatized and thinks something is wrong with mommy and won’t go use the bathroom …ladies how do I explain this to him at four years old?


just tell him the truth and that is is normal and your not hurt


All of my boys have done that and I just explained that it is a natural thing mommy goes through every month


Been here! My daughter is nearly four, but she saw me change to. So I kind of just said when your a big girl you bleed a little bit but it’s normal lol! She hasn’t asked since x

The simplest way ever, girls have periods and boys don’t


I had the same thing happen with my 2 year old!!! She was crying saying mama got a boo boo lol just explain it to him like you would anyone else! You get something once a month that makes you bleed but you don’t hurt and it’s your body’s way of taking care of it’s self! My daughter now every time I go to use the bathroom likes the try and offer tampons to me​:rofl::rofl:

I just had to explain this to my 6 yr old son. I told him that once girls become teenagers they bleed from their vaginia for 5-7 days every month. That is doesn’t hurt. But I wear the pads to catch the blood. He seemed ok with that answer.


Just let him know you are ok and it is something all women deal with. He will be ok. I just want tips on how you have been able to keep this from him for 4 years. My kids don’t know privacy :joy::joy:

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I’m glad when my 3 yr old did this, he didn’t know it was blood and said, “Mama gots poop in her diaper? You gots poop, Mama?”. Yep. Mama pooped in her diaper…lol


That’s a hard one to explain…
My son thinks my daughter has a butt on the front too.
And I dont know how to explain it. :woman_shrugging:t3:


Be factual and not over dramatic. I said the blood just is something that happens every month and I’m not hurt.

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When my oldest was two she went to the bathroom with me and thought mommy pooped herself :joy:. I explained to her it wasn’t poop, it was blood. A couple years later she we stopped at speedway to get snacks and use the restroom. She said mom you’re bleeding again. I said yes baby, you’ll bleed to when you get older. Nothing else was ever said about it. She’s 9 now

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I always just explained that it was normal

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Tell him the truth. My son is 5 and knows about periods. He even says mommy you need chocolate when I’m irritable lol


Girls have a vagina, boys have a penis.

My son does it all the time. I can shut the door and he’ll open it and walk in. His response is " mom you got a boo boo"!! And now when i say i got a boo boo he will get me a pad from the cabinet when i really need a regular band aid cause I’ve cut my finger or something!!


Just be honest and explain it


My 2 yr old after I had her sister went to the bathroom with me each time I left the room to go and I had to change my pad and she said oww and I said no baby girl it’s what’s happens when you have a baby. And she said okay

Just tell the truth. Its a normal body function and imo there is no need to lie about it. Kids understand more than we give them credit for


Tell him it’s a bodies way to prepare for a baby in tbe tummy and when no baby tbe body cleans it out . Tell him the truth .