My 5-month-old barely naps anymore: Advice?

My daughter has been sleeping through the night since she was about three months old. She will fall asleep at 8-8:30 pm and sleep until 7-8 am. Sometimes she will go back to sleep after her morning bottle for an hour or so, but whenever she’s up for the day, I can’t seem to get her to take any GOOD naps. After her bottles, she will be tired and fall asleep during burping, but whenever I put her down in her crib, she wakes up. Whenever she finally does lay down (maybe twice during the day), she only sleeps for 30min if that. She always seems cranky nowadays, and I’m thinking it is because she’s not getting any good/long naps in. Sometimes I even try to hold her to see if that will help her sleep longer, but it’s never longer then 30min. I don’t know if this is why she’s so cranky during the day or what?


Is it possible for you to try a swing?

My 6month old does the same thing… Some times he takes his naps and other days he takes them in like 15min-1hr intervuls if I’m lucky… Right now they have teeth tbat are wanting to come in and starting to and older,they’re nit gonna wanna so naps a whole lot as they reach these new goals

My baby would do the same thing …I called them crack naps she did eventually grow out of that

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Maybe check with a doctor, there is a possibility something could be wrong with her ears? My baby was acting the same way with no other symptoms went to his well check up exam and had an ear infection… Doc said paying down flat could make it hurt even worse.

Gotta get her up at the same time every morning and get her on a sleeping schedule. I probably wouldn’t let her go back to sleep again once she wakes up in the mornings until at least two hours later, then don’t let her sleep longer than two hours for a nap.


Is it possible shes teething? That could also cause her to be cranky as well and some babies start teething around 6 months if not sooner.

Mine is pulling this. But, his behind is TEETHING. And it’s is the DEVIL. He wakes up screaming. Pulling his ears. Shoving his fists in his mouth. I’m lucky if he takes two 20 minute naps a day. :woman_facepalming:t4:

Google wonder weeks. It’s very normal for babies to go through sleep regressions over the first few years of their life and a majority of them go through their “wonder week” where they are learning a new skill (crawling, sitting, walking, talking etc) around the same time. Very interesting read. Just stick with your usual routine, drink lots of coffee, and get help to take a nap when you can. This too shall pass mama :slight_smile:


It honestly sounds like she might be teething, my son is like that when he’s teething

Count your blessings. She is sleeping at night and probably doesn’t need the nap. Sounds like teething or possibly growing pains.


Maybe make the bottles a little thicker? A full belly always knocks em out, and a teething ring couldn’t hurt

All babies are different, and as long as she’s gaining weight and happy I’d be grateful she’s an all night sleeper already. My older 2 kids did that, but this last baby I had a year ago does not and it sucks lol

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Ours only naps once a day at 7 months. Sleeps the same hours at night

She could be teething

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She may already be teething & in pain… I have 4 children… 3 of them had thr 1st 2 bottom teeth by 6 months old… my 4th baby is almost 4 months & u can already see white spots in her gums where her teeth r getting ready… :blush::blush::heart::heart:

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Count your blessings that she’s sleeping through the night, my 11 month old still wakes up ! Maybe your baby just loves life and wants to enjoy it😉

If she is tired, she will sleep. If she needs it, she will sleep. Could be teething. Happens very often around that age when they are teething, the naps are next to none.


My youngest son was like that kind of he would go to bed at 8 wake up at 8 waking 3-5 times a night then take one hour nap my 7 month old she doesnt let me sleep she goes to bed at 8 wakes up about every hour and takes 2-3 naps only 15 -30 mins each time but my oldest daughter she always takes a nap even now at 6 some need it some dont

I’m going through the EXACT same thing!! My baby will be 5 months on Dec 4. She sleeps amazingly at night, but will nap a few times a day for only 30 mins or so. I think it’s teething, because she usually wakes up crying, where before, she would just wake up very calm and happy.