My 5-month-old breastfed son wakes up in the middle of the night screaming: Advice?

My son is five months old. He’s 100% breastfed. Just these past few weeks, he’ll be waking up shortly after he falls asleep (he usually falls asleep on the boob), & he’ll suddenly start screaming. I don’t know if he’s having a nightmare or a night terror, or just realized he’d not latched anymore? It’s not just a light scream, but it’s like a blood-curdling scream, the kind of cry that makes your heart drop when you first hear it. He’ll thrash his legs/arms around; he doesn’t usually open his eyes, though. No matter what, I can’t seem to calm him down. Eventually, he quiets down long enough to latch & lull’s back to sleep. I plan on asking his doctor about it at his upcoming appointment; I just wasn’t sure if anybody else has gone through this or something similar or has any tips/advice!


Oh yeah night terrors for baby’s is real

My son had night terrors as a toddler. Nothing you can really do, since you can’t wake them up out of it. It is a terrible feeling.

Nightmare someone stole his booby. Or if you believe in reincarnation traumatic memory from his past life

Try giving him a pacifer

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Night terror download the wonder weeks app its amazing and literally talks through the stages of baby and makes everything seem fine and normal x

My 5 month old has this too

Infant sleep apnea… Go see your dr - get the child tested ASAP… A child may stop breathing & be startling themselves awake to breath where they scream in panic…

My 2 month does this during the day. She’s easy to console once it happens. But it’s pretty scary when she does it. Happens during the day for her

I’m thinking it might be slight reflex? :woman_shrugging:

Could honestly be bad gas as well. And my kids would just scream one big blood curdling scream then back out they went. Lol

Nightmares! My son wasn’t breastfed at the time but did the same thing.

My daughter started getting night terrors around this time. It sucks but all you can do is be there and attempt to comfort. She’s about to turn two and she doesn’t get as many night terrors but now gets nightmares. It’s rough but I promise it eventually gets better!

Could be gas, he might need to burp

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My daughter had gas and used to scream bloody murder if she was fed at night. I put her on her back and bent her legs and rolled her legs around to make her fart. Is his belly hard when this is happening?

Breastfed babies are going to feel the detachment from momma most of the time. I found a binky he preferred and when I would detach him from me to put him to bed I would give him his binky in place of the breast and would tuck next to his little face one of my nightgown that had my smell to it. And whether it be night terrors of just not having my breast it would comfort him and he did just fine just having the smell of me helped him make it through the night. Good luck new mommy, you and your beautiful Angel :angel: will be just fine. It might take a couple nights but trust me they do adjust !!

Is teething a possibility?

He must wants to be next to you

My son is 19 months and he still does this occasionally

At 5 months he shoudnt be fully breastfed. Feed him baby food and he will sleep. I know doctors say until 6 months but thats just ridiculous.

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If he is falling asleep while you are feeding him it could be he needs a good burping…