My 5-month-old refuses to eat for days in a row: Advice?

Hi i have a question we are scared for our baby so don’t judge or bash were doing the best we can our baby is 5 months old and she will go three or four days without eating eat than another couple days without eating/drink we try to"“force”" and just not act hungry and reject bottles won’t drink or eat and I need to know what can cause this? Her dr says nothing’s wrong since she’s playful and alert. What’s up?


She may have gas or reflux. Try gas drops first.

What are you feeding her? ’


Her belly probably hurts

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You could Try different bottles but I would go to a different doctor especially if she doesnt have many wet diapers or the diaper isnt very wet

I would definitely take her over to the hospital to be checked over by a pediatrician that does not sound right at all


Might be gassy. If formula fed… Change it asap. Hows her poop?

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Definitely seek a good children’s Dr! This is such a worry, good luck :heart_eyes:

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It could be a lot of gas. However, I would get a second opinion. Not eating for consecutive days does not sound good, or healthy. Best of luck

Time to get a second opinion

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Uh. You need a new doctor and you need to take her to a children’s hospital if she’s not drinking bottles. Dehydration in babies can get serious quickly


Talk to your doctor!

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That would definitely worry me too…an infant needs calories.

She could be teething. Just keep an eye on how many wet diapers she has bc you don’t want her dehydrated

Days, at 5 month old?! I’ve never heard of that. I would definitely get a second opinion.


She doesn’t actually need food yet will get everything she needs from milk, try colic drops, changing the milk, what about cooled boiled water

Definitely needs a second opinion. Its tr right and your doctor will welcome it. Best of luck :heart:

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If you’re trying to feed her solids like baby food, oatmeal, cereal, stop those. She may not be ready for them and they could be hurting her stomach.

Start syringe feeding her formula/breastmilk. If you don’t have a syringe you can get one for free at Walgreens or CVS. But I’d be on the way to a children’s hospital like RIGHT NOW.


My 5 month old ate nonstop for the most part. In fact, he was eating so much, his pediatrician suggested to start veggie solids. He was already eating oatmeal, veggies and most fruits plus around 8 ounces in a bottle about 6 times a day. I would definitely get a second opinion also.


At her age,she needs either a certain amount of formula or calories of some sort,I would definitely see a different dr.