My 5-month-old refuses to eay for days in a row: Advice?

Hi i have a question we are scared for our baby so don’t judge or bash were doing the best we can our baby is 5 months old and she will go three or four days without eating eat than another couple days without eating/drink we try to"“force”" and just not act hungry and reject bottles won’t drink or eat and I need to know what can cause this? Her dr says nothing’s wrong since she’s playful and alert. What’s up?


I’d be finding a better doctor. This isn’t normal.


Take your baby to a different doctor immediately!There could be a serious issue with her stomach, bowels or any number of things.


5 months very young for solid food. introduce solid food gradually. dont force utill she is 8 month old


I know she is young but try a tiny bit of cereal. Make it on the runnier side, not thick.

an infant not eating is not normal toddle yeas… or just want certain items. is she teething?


I have never heard such a thing. I would take that baby to the doctor immediately. It could be a bowel blockage or something.


Find another doctor quick. Try giving her table food just be gentle on the seasoning.

My son does this too. He has been that way since he was born and he is now 3. You can not force a child to eat. I simply leave food down and he can decide when he wants to eat. Since yours is only 5 months old, all you can do is keep giving her a bottle and see if she will drink it.

Find new dr she will dehydrate take her to your hospital

Why is she eating at 5 months???


You need a second opinion. That’s not normal. Get a new pediatrician, ASAP

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Or a chemist or baby health clinic nurse midwife

I agree- take her to another dr and if possible I would just bypass a family dr and go straight to GI- go with your gut… not normal


Find a new doc ASAP. That’s not normal.

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Go to another Doctor…

A baby not drinking a bottle for 4 to 5 days? If true how does she even function?


Find a different doctor. Her brain is in serious building mode right now. She needs regular nutrition. Maybe it’s her formula. Either way I would be extremely worried about dehydration.


Baby need cereal in her milk bottle.
My grand daughter is seven and she want hardly eat.
Dr says she will eat when she hungry

You might need to take her to Houston to a pedi dr