My 5-month-old screams in her carseat at night: Advice?

My daughter is five months old. Recently when we start driving home at night, she will scream and cry the whole ride home; ~40 minutes, I have to pull over sometimes to calm her down. Did anyone else go through this, and if so, any advice? She’s fine during the daytime. I feel terrible that she does this, and I can’t help while driving.


Get her a glow worm or turn the light on above the door she is sitting at. My niece hated the dark car rides.

If she doesn’t do it durning the day my guess would be the darkness bothers her. Maybe a stuffed animal that lights up would help.

Could you maybe get her one of those mirrors with lights and music it may distract her

Most likely scared of it being dark, maybe get her a light up toy

Yeah, she can’t see lol it probably scares her.

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It passes. My child was the worst. I hated going to my brother in law’s with her for dinner. Non stop screaming. She eventually got over it. She’s 14 now LOL

In my experience hysterical screaming in the car is pretty normal. I used a little lighted mirror, which helped some.

My daughter did that. We ended up getting a dvd player and some baby dvds and attached it to the back of the seat so she could see it and played baby dvds. Worked like a charm.

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Get her a DVD player fir car

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It could just be the darkness, I would deff get like a portable light or put one of her favorite shows or songs on to comfort her


It sounds like she’s just trying not to go to sleep. Give her a little toy that flows or something

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My sister was like this. Mom had to let her have a flashlight and would drive with the light on in the car lol

My baby hated the dark because she didn’t want to go to bed. We had to turn on the light in the back seat.

My youngest did this. I had to turn on the lights in the back of the car

My oldest and youngest freaked out at night. As they got more verbal, they were able to explain the darkness made the trees and sky look scary. She could just be scared. Get her a little light that wont affect driving but would soothe her.

Yep our iPad help lots ! Lol

Is she getting hot? My sons scream if they get too hot in their carseat so I have to blast the a.c. and freeze myself out so they’re happy.

Yes my boy did this and we got a car dvd player because it would be light and sound and it worked pretty good but I always sat in the back with him and held his hand too. Not everyone can do that obviously but it helped

Maybe its too dark for her to see and all she knows is that shes moving and has no clue whats going on? Try a little dim light in the back seat and see if that helps!