My 5-month-old screams when I put her down: Advice?

My daughter just turned five months. She cries and screams every time I put her down. I’m currently breastfeeding, and she needs it to fall asleep. How do I manage? She’s being held or on my hip constantly — any advice. I’m lost, and the doctor thinks now is a good time to separate/sleep train. It’s hard.


It can be hard, my 5 month old is having similar trouble. It’s getting better now that I’m sticking to a schedule. Plus, turning off lights (except a night light) and anything that’s stimulating before I feed her. She still needs to feed to fall asleep but not all the time. And that’s good enough for me because she fell asleep for my husband who was bottle feeding her last night. It all depends on the day.

Break the cycle and lay next to her…it’s just as hard for mama’s too…but we just say it’s hard for the baby because they cry out loud and we try to hide it!


Sleep training is not recommended till at least 12 months old. Baby wear get a good baby carrier and throw her in there so your hands are free and you can get stuff done I had to with my daughter at that age it’s normal for them to become more clingy at that age as they are getting ready for a growth spurt.


Our son was the same way. It can be frustrating, I wore my son in my front pack a lot just so I could get things done. I had to remind myself that he is that he’s only small for a little while, and one day he won’t want to snuggle me. So I try to soak it all up


My daughter went through that stage and it wasn’t fun for either of us. :weary:
After months of this and no sleep, I was online one day and came across a vibrating crib mattress on Walmart. Worked like a charm! It was just the need for the stimulation and movement she wanted, and the crib vibrated just enough and quietly! May want to check those out. I’m not sure if Walmart still sells them but I’m sure you can find it somewhere online.


My 6 month old has been doing this for a couple months. Sometimes I let him cry. Sometimes I lay down with him but won’t hold him even if he’s whining. I mean, he hasn’t died from crying yet, so… :woman_shrugging:


Listen to the doctor.
Cry/fuss it out - don’t scream it out.
It’ll take a good week to get the babe used to it.
Consistency is key here.

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I went through the same thing. I started doing tight swaddles for nap and bedtime for her and she slept like a champ. We had a bassinet that I could rock slowly to help sooth her to sleep which also helped a ton. Might help for you. Good luck mama!


I didn’t detach my Stelly Bean until she was 2.
She is 11 now. Super healthy and happy.
Sleep when your BABY sleeps. Best advice i ever got.

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Colors and sounds will help huge when putting her down… sometimes 5 minutes sometimes 30 lol but then walk away…sometimes they will cry a bit or fuss but usually they get distracted :blush:I always put my kids in a swing or whatever worked then made sure they couldn’t see me… I could obviously see them and hear them but -out of sight out of mind -theory really worked for me.

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Do not sleep train a fucking 5 month old. I would slap a doctor if they recommended that!!! The baby is 5 MONTHS OLD. STILL NEW TO THIS WORLD. They go through phases of being attached. Baby is probably teething. Welcome to parenthood. :tipping_hand_woman:t3:

My son is 8 months old now but round about 5 months he got super clingy would not let me put him down at all so bed time was tricky! I started by putting his cot next to my bed and just holding his hand then after couple of weeks replaced my hand for one of his comfort blankets what I had slept with to get my scent on! He is now in his own room and sleeps all night!
I know every baby is different but it’s worth trying!
I also agree with letting baby cry as she will learn to self soothe but not to the extent of screaming! I hope you find something that works for you and baby x

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She’s going through a leap! Totally normal!

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Just let her cry. She has to learn you can’t always have her on you

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The best advice I can give you is going to sound a little harsh - suck it up. Hold her as much as she wants, nurse her as often as you have to, do whatever she needs. My middle child literally never let me put her down, I had to do everything while holding her including bathing and using the toilet. For TWO years. I swear I never put her down once that entire time. She wouldn’t go to dad, she wouldn’t sleep on her own, she had to be with me. She’s about to turn 9 years old in a few weeks and she’s the smartest, sweetest, most wonderful little girl. She’s very independent and extremely mature for her age. Just this morning I was looking at her thinking how I can’t believe I had those whole two years with her glued to me and now she’s this wonderful little human. Also, she is amazing about sleeping and has been since about 3, she’ll announce she’s tired, ask to cuddle, then head off to bed where she stays the entire night and sleeps well until the morning. I truly believe all that I suffered when she was younger made her into the awesome little girl she is now.


First time? It’s normal for a baby to cry like that. Leave her/him be…it’s healthy for the baby to cry and develop lung power. There is no need to stress yourself. Play calming sea music… Zen even.

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Because you are breastfeeding baby will want to comfort feed multiple times if not all day, when that little. Don’t know what to really tell you but most of us breastfeeding moms went through the same thing, stick it out.

Carry her my third was like that I started carrying him on my back

Babies can’t be spoiled!!! Antiquated thought… If babies are crying, it’s because they are trying to communicate… I’m a clinical mental health counselor/ social worker/ Parent coach…
Responding to their needs is vital to create healthy attachment…
You cannot sleep train babies (0 to 1) wear baby, make sure not having anxiety or symptoms where it’s hard to respond to baby needs due to being overwhelmed… this is very typical and treatable…