My 5-year-old has been acting out at school: Advice?

What can you do for a 5-year-olds behavior at school? We have tried everything we can think of, but he’s continually acting up in class. He’s about to get an office referral for his behavior. He’s a very smart kid bit keeps acting put in the class. We have tried talking to him about his behavior, taking away outside time, no tv or phone privileges, doing chores around the house, explaining to him why this is happening, we’ve done a point system with prizes for him, and as last resorts, we’ve put him in timeout and spanked him. It feels like the only thing we haven’t done is send him to bed with no dinner (which we would never do). I’ve talked to his teacher about his behavior, and we are both baffled and unsure of what to do. The last resort is an office referral where the principal will decide what to do with him. I’m starting to consider taking him to children’s therapy and trying to see if there is something that’s bothering him. What else can we do?! Please note we have a five-month-old daughter, but we make special days where we spend the day with our son and have someone watch our daughter that way, he doesn’t feel left out.


Maybe hes bored ! My son was advanced and the material wouldnt hold his attention so he got in trouble alot. See if he can be tested forward !


Sounds like the possibility of ADHD? Have him tested. Have his teacher fill out a SNAP IV questionnaire. Find out the reasons behind this behaviour. My son was just diagnosed.


Let the principal decide.

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He could be bored and need more of a challenge. This happened with my daughter and i switched her to french immersion.

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what is his behavior is it adhd? I would have him assessed if he is really having trouble

Also please don’t hit your child/spank him. Solving the issue like that isn’t going to solve anything and only make him act out more


As an educator I say more outside time. When my 3 year old misbehaves we take away all tv time but he goes outside and plays. It helps reset him.


Imma bout to get all kinds of mean faces. But, we had the same issues with my step daughter. We tried everything. Taking away. Time out. Exclusion of fun things. We tried talking things out. NOTHING worked - except a wooden spoon to that behind. We still try time out, exclusions, etc. before we get to that. But, there are times where it is our last ditch effort. And. She. Don’t. Like. It. BUT, she. Don’t. Act. The. Fool. We also have a 6 month old. She gets to go with her dad and do fun things just them. I know they are all about testing boundaries at this age and it is SUPER hard to know what’s right. I just pray for her, my husband and I- and our patience!


It’s possible he is bored. Alot of times if children know the material they get bored and act out. As of right now this doesnt sound like a punishment issue. I think you need to get to the bottom of why first.

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Less screen time, more outside time, no spankings, and speak to his pediatrician.

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It sounds like you need to have him assessed. Normally, 5 year olds can be coached rather easily and fall in line like the rest of the kids in the class. If yours isn’t, there is probably something more going on

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Tell him you’re going to school when him

If he struggling with the work? Is he ADHD? Even if he is…I am not saying go grab medicine. But as a mom of 3…I know you feel like this is a HUGE deal and will be like this forever…and girl…he is 5… he will get better and this will be ok. Cut yourself some slack…breathe…not all kids are made from the same mold. Just love him through it…

My granddaughter had that problem in preschool it gets better the children need a lot of encouragement and praise not corporal punishment

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Does he like to help out in class? Perhaps a special job/duty that he has to earn by good behavior will help. I work in a school and find that some of the kids who struggle the most really enjoy being class helpers. They thrive on personal duties and recognition. Their behavior is a determining factor as to whether or not they continue but it works well. Good luck Mama

When my kids where in school , I handled it like this .
School is a privilege, your teacher went to school to be able to teach you and make it interesting.
I can also home school you , so I pulled my kid and they had a vary military type home school for a few days , no fun PE just stright push up jumping Jack’s.
Math was plain and no fun
Then we had learn to clean class at home with nap time to . It works
I told my kids if they dont respect the teacher and the time they take to make the class room interesting and fun then they can alway come back to home school .
Down side when they met home school kids they always asked what did you do ? Like they had been bad in reg school . But it worked.


Go to school with him my son was acting fool so i accompanied him whole school day for week

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Is he super smart and just bored having to wait for the teacher to explain things to the other kids so he starts acting up because he’s bored.

Has there been a drastic change in his environment? Is there a new baby? New school? New home? Or are there other children making him act out? Picking at him, causing him to act out.