My 5-year-old has been wetting her bed at night: Advice?

So my 5yrold been potty trained since she was 2yrs old and she still wets her bed. She doesn’t drink anything 3-4hrs before bed; i wake her up 2-3 times a night to get and up and go she uses the potty before going to bed and still wets her bed. Any advice will help. TY


My one daughter had the same issue the dr said she was just a sound sleeper and would grow out of it we used pullups and she did grow out of it

Dr. Visit may have UTI

Pull ups… They eventually stop. Don’t stress


There’s basically nothing you can do but wait it out ( or medication) she will eventually out grow it. Remain supportive. She cant control it. You waking her up is only interrupting her sleep ( and yours)


Possibly other issues. Consult her doctor.


Let them drink before bed? Leave them sleep. Pull ups will help. Then buy a mattress protector and let them wet a few times. They hate that feeling. And their body learns to respect their alarms :slight_smile:


It can be a hereditary issue. My son was potty trained even through the night that the age 2 and 1/2. All 3 of his cousins… had issues up until the age of 10. When I had my daughter, she had the same thing. It could be hereditary thing. Whatever you do don’t shame her. Have her wear pull ups and eventually it’ll stop on its own. But the more you push it the more she’s going to regress… I don’t know if there are other siblings or other cousins to find out if it’s hereditary or not but kids don’t want to pee at night and it’s embarrassing for them. Good luck

My son was about 8 when it stopped. Pull ups or bed pads. He was the only one of my 4 that did it.
If she has always done it and it’s not a new issue, I wouldn’t worry too much

Both my kids were bed wetters. The way the doc explained it to me was their bladders were not large enough to hold their urine in all night. He recommended a medicine that was inhaled through their nose. It worked beautifully! I cannot remember what it was called, but I don’t remember any side effects. Plus, it helped my kids feel better about themselves because they did not want to wet the bed either…they didn’t do it on purpose…and because I was a bed wetter, too, I knew how that felt, and never shamed them. I would highly recommend talking to your doctor about this. I’m sure they will know…good luck!

She can’t help it. Please don’t limit her fluid intake. Pullups or goodnight brand are great options. Everybody gets sleep. A quick bath in the morning if she’s wet and life goes on.


rub copiaba oil on belly before bed. works for my kiddo.

If you notice her drinking way more than usual please take her to the dr and have them check her sugar.

Pull ups and bath in morning and I would consult doc. Could be a condition. My nephew has a condition name of it escapes me but he’s 9 and still wares pull ups he can’t help it. He does fine during the day

Make sure that her feet don’t get cold during the night, and take her more often during the day to the bathroom, if nothing works take her to the doctor

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So I had people tell me the same thing. Wake her up.
Well come to find out not good advice for me and my baby girl.
One girl told me just take her out of the pull-ups and put a mattress cover over the bed so the mattress doesn’t get peed on.
I also put puppy pads down under sheet for extra extra protection.
I don’t let her have anything 2 hours before bed but a sip or 2 an a little water by her bed just a sip or 2.
I tell her we have to go pee pee before going to bed and I let her know she is in her underwear and not pull-ups so she can’t go pee pee or it will get on the bed.
She feels like a big girl and if I keep her on a good schedule she doesn’t really pee.
Only really happened 2 times in a few weeks.
Just take the pull-ups off and let her know she can’t go pee pee cuz she has undies on and tell her
What I told my daughter.
Just put a protective covering over mattress and some puppy pads down
You’ll be good and she’ll get the hang of it in no time.
You’ll be surprised

Seconding seeing a doctor. Let them rule out physical causes first. Also don’t put so much pressure and emphasis on bedtime. This routine sounds stressful and I’m an adult. Kids learn best without pressure.


Pull Ups. She will outgrow it.


Sometimes if there is change in your life… They can wet their bed… Somethings talking to them… Buying a new blanket for them. Let her pick it out… My Daugther did that after I left her dad…

Pull ups. And keep waking her up.