My 5-year-old is constantly loud: Advice?

My 5-year-old is constantly yelling. I am at my wits end. I just had a baby a few days ago and my 5 son is just so loud. He had his ears checked so I know nothing is wrong with him, but he even talks super loud. Advice?


I mean, hes 5 and probably bored.

My year old is superior, just talks loud. Her hearing is fine as well. She just doesn’t quite get inside voices. Thankfully my newborn can sleep through it. Must have gotten used to it in the womb lol.

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My 5 year old son is always loud as well

He’s 5 and he’s a boy? Practice indoor voice even whisper to him. But the definition of a boy is noise with dirt on top


My niece is the same way, she’s 8 and still loud lol

Are you sure we don’t have the same 5 year old :weary: mine is SO LOUD I’m like dude chill. :joy:

Both my daughter (7/4) are both so loud and I had their ears checked… no idea

Hes 5… Get used to it

Have you tried whispering and talking to him very low maybe he will start using inside voices


the baby will eventually get use to it, my family was super loud and i just had my baby so i was over it but eventually she slept through any loud noise which turned out to be a blessing

Its normal, hes a boy and hes 5, I have a 4 year old foghorn mouth😂 Give him something to do when baby is sleeping that he has to concentrate on, painting/ crayoning or something.


My 6yo old son is like a fog horn

My 3.5 year old daughter seems like she’s ALWAYS yelling! She has no volume control whatsoever

We introduced the concept of inside/outside voices. You need to be really consistent, but my son eventually got the message. He won’t be perfect, but should be better. Doesn’t last forever-there’s an end in sight!

My 5 year old is also loud naturally. He knows inside outside voices, he doesn’t scream (unless it is something we are doing that involves screaming) he just naturally talks loud :woman_shrugging:t3: I am pregnant with my 3rd. I had my second and never hushed my oldest because I wanted baby to get used to the noise his big sister still needed to be a kid. I have the same plans this time around. Babies adjust but older kids will resent baby if they are getting in trouble for being themselves because of baby.


All my kids talk so loud!! I tease and say they need to use their Daddy’s sleeping voice!

It sounds like he is rebeling about the new baby. But you are the one that needs to stop this now. Lay down rules with consequences if not followed and stick to them. And whatever you do don’t yell at him.He is old enough to know it’s wrong and you need to lead by example.

I understand your frustration. But he’s 5. Loud is developmentally correct. Practice voice levels. 0 being silent, 5 being concert level. Give him some kind of token for his voice being the appropriate level (a sticker, play money etc) that he can exchange for prizes or treats.

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Check your volume… when he gets loud are you getting louder or are you bringing your voice to a whisper/quiet indoor voice? If you get loud, he’s just going to get louder (same with tv volumes etc.)

Additionally you can do some play work on inside and outside voices. Example: walk outside and say in a loud voice “outside we can be loud”. Walk back inside and say in a quiet voice “inside voices are quiet voices”. Repeat a few times then ask him to show you his outside voice and inside voice a bunch of times (yes you might end up with the door open a lot to outside but the idea is to demonstrate and practice the skill. Once he’s got it, a simple “inside voice” reminder should help check him back into a decent level.