My 5 year old might have anxiety: Advice?

So my 5 yr old son might have anxiety. We went to the doctor four days ago, and looks like that’s what he might be experiencing… he is going to star counseling… is there any other moms whose kids suffer from this and can give advice as to what worked better for your kids to control their anxiety


My son just turned six and has anxiety. He is in counseling and he likes to go. On my end, I just always talk to him about his feelings and let him know it’s okay to feel however he is. Then we try to navigate those feelings together. Most of the time what he is worried about doesn’t end up being a problem, so then I remind him how things usually always end up okay. We have spent many hours talking about feelings and I feel it’s paid off :slight_smile: good luck!


I think everyone has anxiety. Its a normal feeling. We just need to learn how to navigate that feeling just like we navigate other feelings we experience.

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mine goes to a therapist every other week to help cope with this, they are learning how to talk about their feelings, and emotions.

Definitely regular therapy sessions and medication