My 5 year old might have anxiety: Advice?

So my 5 yr old son might have anxiety. We went to the doctor four days ago, and looks like that’s what he might be experiencing… he is going to star counseling… is there any other moms whose kids suffer from this and can give advice as to what worked better for your kids to control their anxiety


We got my son into hockey. It has really helped him a lot. I’m sure any sport would have similar effects. Also, music. My son does well when he can listen to music that echoes his feelings.

Keeping to a strict schedule, limiting surprise outings and visits, keeping the house organized, identifying any triggers and developing tactics for him to deal. The last one is more kid to kid so it’s hard to say.

Help them identify their feelings . Keep them tactics to use breathing exercises, and name one thing they can see one thing they can hear one thing they can taste help bring them back. But remember in a full anxiety attack with an immature frontal cortex in their brain that handles emotions they are not capable of always understanding how you’re trying to help them calm down.

Also make sure to let the school know if he goes or even daycare. My daughter is 6.5 diagnosed at 5 with anxiety. There is a therapy that helped family wise to understand helping her better called parent child interaction therapy we did. You will slowly see his triggers and can work with them and how to work through everything. I know with my daughter making her look me in the eyes during the triggers and having her match my breathing helps her stay level. It honestly has been a learning as we go with her

Getting out and doing things! School sports etc my brother had it bad when we were kids and it always would calm down during the school year. Find a hobby like art music flower etc something relaxing he can look forward to

My son went to therapy for 6 months when he was 5 years old when my ex husband and I divorced. I kept the same schedule, eating habits, way I treated/talked to him etc. He expressively loved it. He is now 10 years old and meets with his school counselor once a week and has held up fine. His counselor said he just likes to chat about his day with her and occasionally will tell her if something is bothering him. I think that just having a constant someone or a ‘safe’ person to go to is what helps. Good luck momma!

My 4 year old started therapy for anxiety. She has a hard time starting new things. It takes time and patience