My 5-year-old son hates going to school: Advice?

My five-year-old son hates going to school. At first, he loved it. I would jump up and get ready. Now I have to drag him out of bed, and he kicks and screams all the time, saying he doesn’t want to leave his mommy. But honestly, he doesn’t really have anything to do with me when he’s home. He stays to himself most of the time and is mean to me if I try and talk to him. I have already talked to his teacher, and she said that he wasn’t having problems in school. He got kicked off the bus this morning because he was just crying for mommy and standing by the door, refusing to sit down. I am at my wits end. Any advice?


Is he possibly being bullied?

My 6 year old son loved school then what seemed like out of know where he didn’t want to go we talked with him and come to.find out he was getting picked on by a few other kids so we talked about it and what he should do and we worked it out

Sounds like he’s being bullied. Kids that age aren’t really able to articulate these things and the act out in other ways.

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i would go with him for a few days, you can be the teachers helper.

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I agree with the others. This is typical for someone being bullied. Teachers miss the majority of the cases.


I have to kids 6 & 7 I know how it is getting to kids up in the morning and them not wanting to go to school . But I also know the difference from wen they are going threw some stuff like someone is bothering them at school and the other one wen there just overwhelm and need a little break . Maybe he is going threw one of this ?

My son who is seven was going threw a moment like this turns out he had a bully that was pestering him and I found out and took it to the principal and the child was removed from the school so maybe see if it’s something like that?

Bullied. Happened to me. Hated that school

Almost identical situation here. Was bullied. We/he talked to the school counselor and she walked him to class a few times.

You need to keep searching. There is definitely something going on that the teacher May not see. It seems your son is afraid to talk about anything so something is definitely happening.
Hope you figure it out.

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Mine never threw crying fits, or pulled anything like that. But I couldn’t get her up and ready for school. It was a daily struggle to get her to school. All cuz she didnt want to go. Nothing more than that. And now after 2 years, she’s happy to go to school again.
It was a switch that flipped off, and then flipped on again.

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The only time my son was ever like that there was stuff going on he went from a boy who absolutely loved school to a boy who hated it and would play up knowing I would have to pick him up

Check out the teacher

My son doesn’t like the routine and would rather stay home also. I would ask him in a concerned way why he doesn’t want to go, then ask if there is someone in class that is being mean. Also if it doesn’t seem like anything other than not wanting to do the class work or other normal reasons, you can follow up with asking what he does like to do at school, like what’s his favorite part of the day, then you can use that as a reminder that he gets to do fun stuff too. I definitely feel that kindergarten compared to when we were children has become much more like 1 st grade the work load sucks for kids that are only 5 or 6 it’s seems like so much when they should be having fun at that age, I do feel sorry for my son too it’s a lot of pressure

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Go to the school and sit in the class, because something is going on could be in class or on the playground but go as long as it takes. Bullying or something else is happening


My bet is that he is being bullied and is afraid or ashamed or both to tell you or anyone! I have had similar issues with my son and it came down to the fact he was being bullied and wouldn’t tell me.Dont give up you are his protector but I would bet money :moneybag: it’s a bully issue!


They hate the routine,it’s not fun it’s work,get up go to school follow all the endless rules,stay in line,raise your hand,no talking,keep your hands to yourself, straight line please,etc etc, not fun time it’s rules and work,you wouldn’t enjoy it either

It sounds like anxiety. One of my daughters had a very difficult time with separation anxiety in kindergarten as well. We went to a counselor for a short amount of time where she learned some mindfulness techniques and we also did this worry workbook. We wrote/drew on separate sheets of paper so we could do the workbook over and over. Good luck!

It sounds like separation anxiety my youngest son has that and never wanted to go to school either he had to repeat kindergarten. I got him counseling and he takes meds and now he is doing wonderful with school. My oldest son was also like that and he just wasn’t ready for school so I pulled him out and waited till he was six and he’s doing just fine in the 7th grade now.