My 6-month-old hates solids: Advice?

I have a six 1/2-month-old baby boy, and he HATED SOLIDS! I tried starting when he was 5 1/2 (with the OK from his Dr.), and he instantly hated it. I thought nothing of it and decided to wait until he was six months. I tried giving him everything he can safely have, and he hated it all. He instantly spits it out. He never swallows anything, and right when the food leaves the spoon, he immediately throws it out with his tongue. I’m at wit’s end; I’m so worried as to why he doesn’t want to eat anything or why he won’t swallow. I don’t know what to do anymore. It’s honestly a nightmare for him and for me because we BOTH always end up in tears. I’ve asked his doctor, and all he says is to keep trying, but honestly, I don’t want to try anymore, he just hates it! Has anyone else gone through this? Any ideas as to why he does this?


He’s just not ready yet. Stop rushing him… food is not that important yet


Make sure he’s not tongue tied

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Just not ready. He will do it when he’s ready. Have you ever seen an adult drinking bubbas forever? Don’t stress

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If your using baby food try real food instead. Some babies dont like baby food.
Some babies developed differently so your little one might just not like the different texture


He’s not ready yet. Wait another month and try again


Food before one is just for fun. He’s not ready so don’t force it


Hes not ready . You’ll know when he’s ready as hell the to take food directly from your plate . Don’t rush it . He’s just a baby . It’s only important eating baby stuff for now . Why such a rush for solids ??

Wait a month or two and try again. Not all babies are on the same schedule

So we did BLW with our son which definitely helped but some babies are not ready for any form of solids till 8 months or older and it’s totally ok! Their main source of nutrition is Formula or Breastmilk till a year so don’t stress yourself


My feeling is just take a break kids develop differently

What kind of solids? My daughter was not a fan of actual baby food but loved regular foods like mashed potatoes, applesauce, over cooked broccoli…could be a texture thing. Or he is just not ready. Keep trying momma :heart:

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Sounds like hes not quite ready for solids. Maybe hes getting enough from his milk

He pushes it out only because it is foreign and he doesn’t know how to use his tongue to move to the back instead of the front. Keep going, he will learn. Place spoon to his cheek rather on the tongue. Good luck.

Not ready yet. Try again in a month or two. He doesn’t really need solids yet.

Will he drink a full bottle or sippie cup?

He’s ready for baby food. Baby food…not solid food.

One of mine wouldn’t eat baby food so formula/ or breast milk it was. Until she was closer to a year then it was regular food. Don’t stress it .

My son didn’t even get rice cereal till 6 months and baby food came a month or two later. No rush momma. As long as he’s a good weight he’s fine


Food before 1 is just for fun. Try again in 1 or 2 more months. I have an April 15th baby so shes the same age, and I only just this week started trying her on foods.

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