My 6-month-old hates the carseat: Advice?

My son is six months old and hates the car seat at night. He’s a very happy baby and rarely ever cries, but when he’s in his car seat at night, he screams his little lungs out. We have a mirror where he can see himself and myself, and I turn on the overhead lights in the back, so he isn’t in the dark. I always leave a toy or two with him so he can try to distract himself. Does anyone have any other tips?


Maybe a new car seat. Try the britax 4 in 1

We had to get a little DVD player for our daughter. She hated being in the car seat at that age and the DVD player helped.

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You know those baby night lights with the stars and its has soothing baby music those work really well my daughter was also fussy at night in the car but that keeps her calm they even have like little tiny ones that can hang from his carseat handle and if you put the hood up on his seat too it wont be distracting while driving

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Maybe try it without the back light on? When I was trying to help my son get used to sleeping in his crib I let him cry it out with little baby bum. When I turned the TV off, it was pitch black and he was out in minutes.

If possible have yourself or someone else sit in the back with him. My son did this til I realized he just didn’t like being in the back by himself.

We have the iPad and downloaded Foxtel kids or abc app and it plays continuously through shows
We were lucky my son liked the car but git bored or dropped the toys
So we got the case for the iPad and it’s the best distraction

I have to pull the car seat out and sign baby shark and then put her in and buckle her in

maybe gets motion sickness, worse at night when there is no visibly outside.

Sit with him or maybe his seat isn’t comfortable…

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Don’t go out @ night :rofl:


Play some worship music and change the atmosphere, brings peace.


If there is more than one person in the vehicle (a passenger in the front seat) have them sit in the back with him so he isnt alone.

Try hooking up an iPad with a show to keep him distracted? Worked for my little one. She hated the cat seat as well

My daughter did this in my fiancé’s truck since he has tinted windows. We bring her noise maker in the truck with us. It’s what she uses to fall asleep so she watches it and calms her down. Maybe sit back there that way they don’t feel alone?

No advice except to try to make them as comfortable as possible. My first child fought the car seat bands as soon as she was in them. Nothing would ease her and she would fight until she fell asleep. It was hell to drive through.

Eventually they will cry it out. Unfortunately in our busy worlds there is car time. It sucks but when you have things like school drop off and such sometimes it is what it is. All 4 of my kids cried as infants in car seats. With my 1st 2 I pulled over all the time to try and fix things…never worked especially that young…

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Maybe he is strapped in too tight. It might also be the car seat is too small

My son hated the carseat to. Nothing helped. He just grew out if it.

I played music for my baby. He’s now 10 months and doesnt mind getting in