My 6-month-old is refusing naps: Advice?

I have a six-month-old daughter. She has been cluster feeding even after eating baby food & oatmeal. Now she is refusing naps but stays so fussy and rubs her face and yawns cause she is tired. I try to put her down for naps, and she cries and fights me. She is sleeping maybe 10 hours in 24 hour period. She still wakes multiple times throughout the night. I lay her down in her pack n play for her to go to sleep on her own, and she will start screaming until she gags her self (I do not let her scream that long either) she still uses her swing but is almost outgrew it and it’s almost no longer helping. I need help or suggestions, please.

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I haven’t had a baby in a long time. One thing all of my babies did was fight their sleep. They act like they were afraid they were going to miss something. Each baby is different. What use to work most and longest was after I bath them I would give him a bottle with a little cereal in it. Babies are new and improved these days so I’m really not sure. Lol

Do you pump at all? Maybe mix a fruit or veggie with the oatmeal with your breast milk. Might make belly full longer.

Take her to a pediatrician first. If all checks out try laying down with her until she falls asleep or have her sleep in your arms then lay her down.

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That’s all she wants is to be held by her mom they were just born 6 months ago babys just want is the love of mother and don’t let her cry that long

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Probably sleep regression. Look it up. They go through it at each milestone. Whatever you do do not break routine or its over from there. She will go back to sleeping in a couple weeks

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I would lay with my son it helped a lot, you gotta think that she was in your belly and you are the only safe place she knows until she gets use to things around her. Lay with her maybe you even could rock her if you got a rocking chair or let her snuggle to you and read her a story. Don’t let her cry it out maybe once she is older but she is only 6 months.

I would take her to a pediatrician. The reason being is if all the sudden she will not lay down and sleep but she will sit up in her swing and sleep something is going on when she lays down. Knowing how many babies are lost to SIDS I would just make sure that there’s nothing going on with her breathing or anything of that nature.

With my son, I would put him to bed then set the timer on the stove for 20 minutes. Seemed like an eternity. He would always fall asleep before the alarm went off, but not by much. Good luck!

You sure there isn’t something else going on? Spoiled from being held alot? Gas, do she can’t settle?

Have you tried swaddling?

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Gastric problem maybe? Like acid reflux? Why she isn’t comfortable with laying down and likes to be propped up. Could be your milk supply as well, try changing your diet.

So you could hold the baby and walk around till the baby falls asleep… Ask your pediatrition as well… 6 months is getting older so they dont sleep as much…

Sounds like she’s going through sleep regression which is totally normal around 6 months. Can happen around 9 months also. Read up on it! Maybe starting to teeth as well. Hang in there mama, it’s just a phase

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It could be that she is looking to cuddle. I used to hold my kids till they fell asleep for naps at that age or they would fall asleep I. A bouncy chair because they were more comfortable that way for napping. Also does she usually sleep in something other then a pack n play because the pack n play may not be comfortable


My son can get fussy for naps. I started dancing with him around the living room close to nap time. After 15/20 mins, he’s about asleep and I can put him in his crib. Do you use a sound machine? That really helps us. When he hears it, it is kind of a cue that it is time to sleep as well.


When mine started this I switched her schedule up.
Wake her at a specific time every morning, add stroller walks and daytime playtime baths to your morning routine, give one two hour nap, add outside playtime to your afternoon routine. :yellow_heart:

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Put calming lotion on her. Some babies refuse to nap after 6 months.

My daughter went thru that closer to a year and now my son is doing it too hes 9 mos. With my daughter it lasted a month or so she stopped napping all together at 2.5 shes 4 now. I noticed my son sleeps better when hes being cuddled

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A sound machine really helped us when she was fussy at that age!