My 6-week-old always seems hungry: Advice?

Okay, so, I have a six week old baby. These past couple of days, it seems like he is ALWAYS starving. Like, I will put him down to sleep, he will wake up in an hour crying… I’ll change him, hold him, and do everything I can to calm him down… nothing does until I put a bottle in his mouth! And he guzzles it right down! I don’t understand… I give him formula. I just don’t understand why these past few nights he’s been CONSTANTLY hungry. He usually eats 4-5oz every 3 hours! Now he’s eating 3-4oz every HOUR! I don’t get it?! Is this normal?! Does he have a growth spurt? I’m so confused, and I don’t want to overfeed him, but he literally will not calm down until I do… he threw up at one point last night too because he ate so much so fast, he threw up as he was eating… I’m at a loss; obviously I’m a first-time mother as well… please help and please don’t be rude! I genuinely have no idea what to do.


Cluster feeding/growth spurt


You cant over feed a baby. If he was breast fed he would be cluster feeding. Try a different bottle with a slower teat maybe or increase his formula amount. X


My daughter went through a phase like that, it’s normal! :heart: You’re doing great mama!

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Just keep feeding.
Probably a growth spurt.

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Yup, growth spurt. My son ate 4 ounces every 2.5/3 hours at that age. Feed him as often as you need. No cereal at that age! They’re tummies may not be able to handle it.


Let him eat. Don’t put cereal in his bottle. That’s outdated, and very dangerous.


U can over feed and that will just make him miserable maybe try a different formula

Definitely normal definitely a growth spurt or wonder week there’s an amazing app called wonder weeks helps you track when your bubs going to roughly go through a growth spurt

Yes they say that you shouldn’t but every baby is different and I’d say that’s the earliest to “safely” do it.

Make sure the bottle doesn’t have an opening too big for the baby. Also burping after feeding will help with the throwing up.

Do NOT add cereal to his bottle! Just increase his formula amount. It’s most likely a growth spurt. Happened with all my girls.


Maybe an extra little half a scoop of formula for extra filling calories? Thats what we had to do with my son just add a little bit more formula to the bottle for a more filling feed. With a bottle that small i would only add maybe a 1/4 of extra to start out

Growth spurt/cluster feeding. Don’t add anything to his formula, his stomach does not need that. Use a slow flow nipple and start pace feeding.


My 5 month old eats 4-5 oz every 2 hours. That sounds like a lot of food for a 6 wk old. But I do remember my baby was constant hungry too a newborn.
Maybe try a slower nipple for the bottle? Extra slow flow I use Tommie Tippee 0+ extra slow. I burp every 2 oz of food.
:pray:t2: Call the pediatrician
I was told to feed on demand for my baby.
Do not listen to that person!
He is too young for cereal.


Growth Spurt definitely normal.

Make sure he stays away during the feeding!

Let the babe eat
No cereals or added crap
Just milk
Maybe try a different formula that’s more filling etc
But don’t add anything

Normal…feed your baby when it’s hungry

Growth spurt. Feed him.

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Maybe When You Feed Him Try Feeding Him Upright Not Laying Down And Keep The Bottle Flat Not Tilted Downward So The Milk Isn’t Pouring Into His Mouth…

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