My 6-week-old cries and I can't figure out why: Advice?

Hello, I have a six-week-old baby girl, and sometimes she just cries and cries cant figure out what she needs. I try feeding her change her diaper rock her, and nothing helps. I give her some drops of the gripe water in case of colic.but it doesn’t seem to work. Anybody else experiences this? Or have any suggestions I can try. TIA.


My daughter was the same way - turned out to be real bad acid reflux .

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Do you breastfeed or formula feed?

Do u swaddle? That was my babys issue shes almost 4 months now

Could be tired??
I had this issue with my son and was told by my pediatrician that he could be a “fussy newborn” it apparently peaks at 6-8 weeks but should settle after your out of the newborn phase

Mine does this when she’s really gassy, or is over tired.

Have you checked if shes constipated? My daughter had really bad constipation as an infant and would cry like crazy because of it

If shes formula fed she might need a different kind

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Did you try scratching her ? Sometimes they’re just itchy and can’t scratch it them selves

Sounds like teething :smirk:

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When my babe was this little we had to switch to soy instead of anything lactose based. That helped with his discomfort. Also swaddling helped.

Yeah at 6-8 weeks they have what’s called a “wonder week” they never seem to stop eating and you can’t put them down for a second,
It lasts a couple of weeks and you’ll be exhausted but it is totally totally normal. Your little one is right on track.
(I was like you when my little one had hers between 6-8 weeks and I thought something was wrong) xx it does pass but if you are concerned seek medical advice but from what you’ve said you’ve got nothing to worry about - good luck - skin on skin really helps and if you don’t have one invest in a baby sling.

Could be various things… acid reflux, may want to be swaddled, could be gassy (gripe water didnt work for my daughter) we used mylicon. Baby may want to cluster feed.

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Maybe she has gas or constipation and it makes her belly cramp… my kids loved when I just laid them on my knee and pat their backs that way and switch up with doing it on my chest too…


My youngest… Turned out to be chronic ear infections


Gas? Gripe water didn’t help with gas for us. Try a pacifier or pacify with breast. Try a swing or just snuggle and comfort baby. Is baby staying awake too long? Could be overtired.

Mine had gas as a baby and gripe water did nothing for him. My mom suggested a little bit of watered down coke, or watered down crushed soft peppermint. It worked, just an option.

yes my little girl was the same way and she is colic i tried switching formulas i found one that helped a little bit but not all the way enfamil gentlease and gerber colic drops are what really helped

Most likely reflux and/or colic. Could be gas, mylicon worked best for my babies. I had 2 colicky babies both with reflux and I can say unfortunately gripe water never helped, by about 3 months it went away in its own. Zantac did help alot but I know they have lawsuits against it now. Talk to her doctor about it and remember this will pass. The thing that helped me the most was knowing it wouldn’t last forever, colic peaks around 6 weeks and is usually completely over by 3 months