My 6-year-old daughter doesn't like eating: Advice?

I have a six-year-old daughter. She will be 7 in a few days, but I can’t get her to eat. She will gag and puke and cry just so she doesn’t have to eat. She is on a med for ADHD, and she has been on it for about a year, so I’m not sure it has to do with her med, but she wants to eat hardly at all, and I get stuff I know she likes but still won’t eat. When she was younger, she loved biscuits and gravy but will now only take a couple of bites and then cries she fully. She wants to eat no chips, cookies, candy, and she has never been a sweet junk food type kid. She doesn’t eat lunch at school. Yesterday we went to Ryan’s with my dad for lunch, and she ate a few bites, and that was it, and I know she has to be hungry, but I just don’t know how to get her to eat. She will sit down at the table for supper and cry gag and just about puke cause she doesn’t want to eat. I don’t know what to do.


You should talk to her doctor

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Certain ADHD meds will cause loss of appetite


A doctor’s visit is in order.

My brothers didn’t like eating when they were on adhd meds… I would def talk to her dr about it. Even if it didnt affect her when she first started taking it it still could be now. Poor girl something def going on. Prayers!

What is the Med that she is on? It might be making the difference. It could be a medication that suppresses hunger as a side effect. Best of luck and sending big hugs your way, hoping things can get better soon.


Talk to her doctor. ADHD meds are known to hinder appetite.


You need to take her to a doc and address it. You dont want her to get malnourished. She could be having trouble with textures. Dont wait and do it now.


Is she on conserta if she is msg me

Her doctor will say…she will eat when she is hungry. That’s what the doc said to my mom when I was acting like this lil girl.

Would definitely be looking into perhaps a dietician and at least get some direction

Get her bowels checked, could be something serious

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Is it Ritalin? My son was on that for ADHD and I had to take him off after a year as he had lost that much weight he looked sick. Talk to a pead :slight_smile:

Sounds like a question for her pediatrician and not FB


My son was. On. Meds. For adhd and. He wouldn’t eat at all. And. Cried all the time. For no reason. Took him off and he. Stopped the. Crying and eats fine now. Hope u. An find. Help

Most likely her meds.

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You might want to check with Dr ADHD meds are like speed for alot of people get it changed ASAP don’t wait

Maybe she has acid reflux? Def take her to the dr.

Cut the pill in half

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My daughter’s Adderall supresses her appetite. It makes her not hungry at all. She even lost weight when she first started it. Her Dr. prescribed Cyproheptadine to take with her Adderall. It gave her appetite back. So you should talk to her dr about prescribing something to get her appetite back.